Tom Cochrane Albums

  • X-Ray Sierra Album (2/2/1999)
    I Wonder
    Stonecutter's Arms
    Art of Listening
    Heartbreak Girl
    Willie Dixon Said
    Marianne and Lenny
    Beautiful Day
    Windy Night in Fall
    Piece of Your Soul
    This Is the World
    Northern Frontier

  • Ragged Ass Road Album (11/7/1995)
    I Wish You Well
    Wildest Dreams
    Just Scream
    Paper Tigers
    Ragged Ass Road
    Flowers in the Concrete
    Dreamer's Dream
    Message (Rise up Again)
    Best Waste of Time
    Will of the Gun
    Song Before I Leave

  • Mad Mad World Album (2/17/1992)
    Life Is a Highway
    Mad Mad World
    No Regrets
    Sinking Like a Sunset
    Washed Away
    Everything Comes Around
    The Secret Is to Know When to Stop
    Brave and Crazy
    Bigger Man
    Friendly Advice
    Get Back Up
    Emotional Truth
    All the King's Men

  • Victory Day Album (6/1/1988)
    Big League
    Victory Day
    Sons Beat Down
    Different Drummer
    Good Times
    Saved by the Dawn
    Calling America
    Vacation (In My Mind)
    Good Man (Feeling Bad)
    Not So Far Away

  • Tom Cochrane & Red Rider Album (6/1/1986)

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    life is a highway | Reviewer: jeremiah o'rourke
        ------ About the album Mad Mad World performed by Tom Cochrane

    I would like to listen to that song of yours "Life is a Highway",
    but I only can get the lyrics.
    I wanted to show a friend that your song sounds better than Rascal Flatts.
    I wish that you would post the song too, and not only the lyrics.
    Jeremiah O'Rourke, Fan

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