Tokyo Rose Albums

  • Chasing Fireflies Album
    Right Through Your Teeth
    Chasing Fireflies
    Clean Break
    (Last Gad Before Interstate) 695
    I Love You...Too

  • Reinventing A Lost Art Album
    Saturday, Everyday
    Don't Look Back
    Right Through Your Teeth
    Word Of Mouth
    Take The Wheel
    Weapon Of Choice
    You Ruined Everything
    Phonecards And Postcards
    Katherine, Please
    Before You Burn

  • The Promise In Compromise Album (7/31/2007)
    Less Than Four
    The Promise In Compromise
    We Can Be Best Friends Tonight, But Tomorrow I'll Be...
    A Pound Of Silver Is Worth Its Weight In Blood
    Right As Rain
    611 Life Lesson
    Can I Change Your Mind?
    Swimming With The Sharks
    Call It What You Like, Just Leave Us Out Of It
    I Won't Say
    Seconds Before The Crash

  • New American Saint Album (10/1/2005)
    New American Saint
    Goodbye Almond Eyes
    The Tin Man Gets His Heart
    Treading Water
    Bottle Marked: Caution
    The Hard Eight
    A Reason To Come Home Again
    I Love You...Too
    The Hammer & The Nail
    Meghan Again

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