Tokyo Police Club Albums

  • Forcefield Album (3/25/2014)
    Argentina (Parts I, II, III)
    Hot Tonight
    Gonna Be Ready
    Toy Guns
    Tunnel Vision
    Through the Wire
    Feel the Effect

  • Champ Album (6/8/2010)
    Favourite Food
    Favourite Colour
    Breakneck Speed
    Wait Up (Boots Of Danger)
    End Of A Spark
    Hands Reversed
    Big Difference
    Not Sick
    First Date Kit

  • Elephant Shell Album (4/22/2008)
    In A Cave
    Sixties Remake
    The Harrowing Adventures Of...
    Nursery, Academy
    Your English Is Good
    Listen To The Math
    The Baskervilles
    Friends Of P
    New New Song

  • A Lesson In Crime Album (4/27/2006)
    Cheer It On
    Nature Of The Experiment
    Citizens Of Tomorrow
    Shoulders & Arms
    If It Works
    Cut Cut Paste
    Be Good
    La Ferrassie

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    fate's lottery | Reviewer: thepeopleyoudon'tknowaretheonesyougrowuptobe
        ------ About the album A Lesson In Crime performed by Tokyo Police Club

    wow i like their music its...
    well it isn't its a way just like all the other bands in this genre of music
    the saying we take for granted and the things we only say after certain words mixed with a bunch of cute guys
    what is different
    i like their seen and it was a good movie

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