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TOKIO HOTEL are Bill Kaulitz (vocals) & Tom Kaulitz (guitar), Georg Listing (bass) and Gustav Schafer (drums), and their story reads like the script for a blockbuster movie…

‘… A band from a town in East Germany become the biggest stars of the past 20 years in their native country, charting records at No. 1, playing to ten or twenty thousand each night and being feted with every German industry award. Before long, the four musicians are travelling farther afield, and demand is growing fast – not just from an increasingly manic fanbase, but from the mass media too. Much attention is focussed on the frontman and the guitarist – identical twin brothers with a potent ‘fight for your dreams’ philosophy. The former is a striking, androgynous-looking performer, pierced & tattooed, an artist effortlessly able to drive his followers into a frenzy, whilst the latter cuts a distinctive dash of his own. They record & release two full albums of memorable guitar-driven anthems, complete with German lyrics, and Tokio Fever rages out of control…’

You can already hear the cameras starting to roll, except…

The script would have to include the fact that two of the TH members were just 13 years old when they made their first record, and they are still all under 21 today. So no-one would believe it. No way.


ACTUALLY, NOT only is the above synopsis free from artistic licence, but if anything it underplays the impact the band have made on a German market where ‘Tokio Fever’ is now an epidemic…

Since signing with Universal in May 2005, TH have sold approaching three million records & DVDs in Germany alone, making them the country’s most successful band, with a host of domestic awards jostling for space in the collective cabinet (nine platinum/four gold, at last count, plus an additional four platinum awards for sales in Austria & Switzerland). And they played the most successful debut live tour EVER to grace German stages.

The two TH albums – 2005’s ‘Schrei’ (‘Scream’) and follow-up ‘Zimmer 483’ (‘Room 483’) – have both topped the charts at home, spawning four No.1 singles, and in the case of the former, staying on those charts for 66 unbroken weeks.

Meanwhile, the first leg of the European stadium tour in support of ‘Zimmer…’ (April 3rd - May 14th) saw the group playing in front of young crowds six to twenty thousand strong. All going mad. All of the time. Something underlined in the reddest possible ink by the ‘Schrei-Live’ DVD, issued in 2006, which has now sold approximately 100,000 copies in Germany, pushing total DVD sales for TH to the quarter million mark…

And just to make the ‘script’ even more improbable, all of the above (and more!) has been achieved in less than two years – although the speed of this breakthrough should in no way imply either fast-tracking or favoritism. In the world of TH, dues have very much been paid...

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Awesome | Reviewer: leslie | 8/7/11

I'm not really a fan of music, I mean I rarely appreciate the current trend but when I hear something meaningful, I give my love. Meh, truthfully, this is my first time probably hearing their music. Well, my friend had been mentioning about the group since last year but I hardly paid any attention at all since like mentioned, I am not so much into music. Apparently, since me and Julz never really had anything to do during class, I borrowed her mobile where I requested her to play me their songs.

I first listened to Biechte and it honestly made me love the tune since I only knew what the title meant but not the entire meaning of it. Immediately after that, I researched about them and their songs and I say they earned my love for them.

Even though it's rock genre, their songs have real meanings which lacks in most songs nowadays. Hands down to the group and to think this is my first time actually loving a rock band.

May they always continue to succeed and prosper.

A review in general | Reviewer: Lyn | 1/1/11

First of all, I would like to say that Tokio Hotel is an AWESOME band, I love them. Secondly, from where I am (Brunei) not a lot listen or even know who Tokio Hotel so I am really happy to be one of the few who listens to them.

Okay, so generally, Tokio Hotel's songs are easy to relate to since most of the lyrics in the songs are very strong. You can feel the emotion even from just listening to Bill sing. Tom's bass is very audio-licious, combined with Georg's guitar... WOW!! The drum beats by Gustav is also A- MA- ZING! Overall, I'd rate Tokio Hotel a perfect TEN!

Viva Tokio Hotel! :)

@u@ | Reviewer: massie | 10/16/10

i have just recently started to listen to tokio hotel and i really like it!!! i have found that not alot of people listen to them where i live and i am proud to say that i do. i havn't been to a concert because of money issues but i hope i do someday!!! :)

Oh mein GOTT | Reviewer: Leslie | 8/31/10

Ich liebe Tokio Hotel Fur Immer und ewig. ^-^ TH ist die beste. I vish I can see them in concert so bad. It is gutt to know that GEorg, Gustav, Bill und Tommy are doing great und to get to know their language is even better. I have been going strong vid the GErman language und is getting really gutt at it. I have also been teaching my friends at schule(school) und family how to speak this wonderful language und to learn about Devilish und how they became known now as Tokio Hotel *the HOTTEST BAND EVER* is really great und to hear top news from them is also great.I can also say dat learning German und speaking it so much as actually affected my accent. ^-^. I actually sound a little German un dI have gotten that I sound like Bill wen I say HALLO on the phone. Wow. Und I am a girl but in other news I read this article saying Tom is feeling sad und alone und that got me upset. If he hurts or feels sad then it makes me feel that way. Ich liebe dich, Thomas und hope u the best TH in your touring of HUMANOID CITY !!!!!! Willkommen im Tokio Hotel, Humanoid City. I hope u guys injoy both their German und English hits like I do. Fur Immer Tokio Hotel.

-LeLe Manley Kaulitz Trumper

♥ | Reviewer: C | 3/30/10

I haven't really been a fan for that long - just since early 2008 - but I can honestly say I've never loved a band as much as I love Tokio Hotel. "Don't Jump" was the song that really got me hooked on them. Then later I heard "Spring nicht" and was even more blown away. Each album is so special to me - from Schrei all the way to Humanoid.
People are saying they don't like the new look/sound, but I disagree. It's not WORSE, just DIFFERENT. Personally, I would get bored if every single album sounded exactly the same as the last.
Can't wait until they come back to my town. :)


I REALLY LOVE TOKIO HOTEL!!!!!!!THEIR MUSIC=>JUST AMAZING .....They ROCK!!!It's the best band EVER!!!I'm a BIG fan of them and especially of the Kaulitz twins....Bill and Tom!!! They're soo hot and sweet!!!I adore Bill's voice and when Tom's playing the guitar!!They are my everything!!!!I LOVE THEM!THEY REALLY ARE TALENTED!!
So I Bevieve that TH is the best band international fans are million all over the world!!!!!!

TOKIO HOTEL <3 | Reviewer: Apple | 3/14/10

Hi my name is Apple.. Yes Apple as in the fruit. I really like the band tokio hotel and their recent album humanoid. I've been in one of their concerts
and bill looks so different. I miss bill's trademark hair, but the fauxhawk is ok. Tom never change really in my opinion... well despite the punching a stalker's face. Georg hair will never be cut that's for sure. AND my favorite band member GUSTAV is always the quiet, shy, member :). I love tokio hotel's music and style. I'm hoping to see more from them.

Ich liebe Tokio Hotel!! <3 | Reviewer: Jenna | 12/31/09

Okay I've been liking them for say a year and I first saw them at my friends house in the video "monsoon" and I looked at bill and thought no way that's a guy but truly I regret it ecause they are one of the greatest bands of all time I quickly became obsessed and I've been getting worse day by day hehe anyway the day I first saw tokio hotels video was probably the start to a new me because right after I was trying to find out all that I could about them an I think it's just amazing that they can start out so young and become so sucessful and on top of that they learned to sing and speak in English that's Pretty cool haha but because of them I've been trying to learn german ever since haha ich liebe tokio hotel!!! ^_^

:D | Reviewer: alexius | 11/3/09

Ich Liebe Tokio Hotel! (I've been taking German Classes for 3 Years. This is my 4th, and I've only heard of Tokio Hotel last Year, so phblt!) I love them so much especially Bill, His Voice is so heavenly! And his Fauxhawk makes Him look like the Rock Star He truly is :)

^-^ | Reviewer: AliceDeadly | 5/18/09

I Love Tokio Hotel..For Umm..I Guess 4 years.. And At The begging. I was so impressed.. They were so cute and shit..With That Sweet Voice Of Bills..Than in 2006..They Changed into something deep..and it went deeper and deeper.But Currently i started disliking them..
i mean like wtf is up with bill? His hair and his look..hes destroying himself..
and so is waiting for the new album to come out..lets see whats going on there ;D

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