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Token Biography

Last updated: 08/01/2003 04:43:46 AM

It was a summer's day in Stockholm 1990...

...that the sound of Token first took shape. This new Swedish AOR band was quick to surprise their peer's with a catchy but heavy sound.

Around that time, music competitions for young bands were commonplace and Token were quick to establish themselves as regular frontrunners. Just as things started to hot up for the young souls of Token, they decided to spilt due to work and studies. After this the members of Token floated between other bands, solo projects and also well-deserved sabbaticals from the music scene.

It was another hot summer's day when the members of Token came up with the idea of reuniting. They locked themselves in to their home studio with only caffeine for sustenance. It was here that the first new songs were conceived. Token felt that the circle was now completed.

Soon MTM Music, Germany whom had heard the new demo material contacted Token. A deal was set and the work started to record the debut album Tomorrowland, which was released 22 April 2002.

When reuniting Token, H.B. Anderson joined the band, completing the following line up:
H.B Anderson - vocals
Niclas Holmkvist - bass guitar
Mikael Rosengren - keyboards
Johan Sjöberg - guitars
Pontus Ågeryd - drums