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Avril Lavigne Together Lyrics

Last updated: 12/02/2012 09:38:11 AM

Something just isn't right
I can feel it inside
The truth isn't far behind me
You can't deny

When I turn the lights out
When I close my eyes
Reality overcomes me
I'm living a lie

When I'm alone I
Feel so much better
And when I'm around you
I don't feel

It doesn't feel right at all
Together we've built a wall
Holding hands we'll fall
Hands we'll fall

This has gone on so long
I realize that i need
Something good to rely on
Something for me

When I'm alone I
Feel so much better
And when I'm around you
I don't feel


My heart is broken
I'm lying here
My thoughts are choking on you my dear
On you my dear
On you my dear

When I'm alone I
Feel so much better
And when I'm around you
I don't feel

[Chorus x2]

When I'm around you
When I'm around you
I don't feel together
I don't feel together
When I'm around you
When I'm around you
I don't feel together, no
I don't feel together

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spell caster that help my marriage | Reviewer: Fabiana | 12/2/12

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my inspiration AVRIL...<3 | Reviewer: Cristina D'angella it's my name when i will b a popstar like avril (my name is yogmaya) | 11/18/12

Avril u always rockxxx thatis why i want to be a gr8 popstar like u.....u r my ideal luv u tooooo muchhh......i hope that my dream will come true one day i want that every one see me while singing on stage........"GO AHEAD LET'S TAKETO THE TOP..., GO AHEAD WE'RE NEVER GONNA STOP".......

AYELALA SHRINE | Reviewer: Melissa | 10/27/12

I just wanted to stop and thank for his help. You have saved my relationship twice....and all that time I used your spell. I broke up twice last year with my ex......first time we got back together...lasted a short while because I had not followed your instruction completely...second time I used your methods again and he came back. Thank you so much. I was so confused how to act when he came back, but I had to follow your instruction. We are stronger than the 1st time or the 2and time......and all bc I took your well meaning spell. Thank you so much. I have a life these days, after letting go of all the drama in my life. Thank you so much for your help. Melissa

im so happy cz he is with me now | Reviewer: zena | 7/3/11

when i heard this song .. i felt like avril is talkin bout me n ma boyfriend ... we were best friends and such as brothers but later i felt i love him ... and he always tell me things like i loce you i adore you and............
but now he is just looking for sex and things like that and for me i hate like this things and 4 real i love him from alll my heart.. so .. how will i let him to forget about this things???

amazing song | Reviewer: loren | 6/20/11

well, me and my boyfriend are still together but sometimes he leaves me for other girls. he will ditch me at break and lunch and will go off with the slags of our school. This makes me feel bad as every night he says he loves me.
Sometimes when im with him i feel like we're just really good mates. And i dont want it to feel like that anymore. i want us to be a really good couple. together forever cuz i do love him so much, but i feel lonely when hes with the slags. I guess i will just have to learn to live with it. hes a flirt and its never going to change. what do you think avril will do? email me your answers

Stupid Love | Reviewer: blaze | 2/18/10

this song reminds me of my ex, Alex. i knew that things were getting bad. so when we broke up it wasnt a surprise. took me four months to get over him .. and like he wants me back ..but i know that if we went back out i wouldnt trust him we wouldnt feel together. this song reminds me of all that.

what has it me thinking | Reviewer: CC | 12/20/09

My problem: was my boyfriend was cheating on me and I didn't like it and he is saying stuff like no I didn't cheat on you. My solution: I broke up with him and he was crying like a little baby and i think thats what Avirl was trying to tell people.

My Situation! Thanks for helping me Avril! | Reviewer: Katie | 1/3/09

This reminds me of my situation:
My friend told me everything that my boyfriend said behind my back cuz she was in his study hall when he was making fun of me, and I believe her! I used to miss my boyfriend John so bad, but now when I'm around him I oubt I'll feel 2gether! Thanks Avril for writing such an awesome song!

Together | Reviewer: Bunise | 1/29/08

This song was playing on the computer of the 14 year old daughter of my boyfriend, Ron. We'd just started dating and I never dreamed that our relationship would become so incredibly painful and be the absolute death of all that was good within me. This song will haunt me forever, and I'll never forget the day I heard it playing on his daughter's abandoned computer. My heart is broken, I'm lying here, my thoughts are choking on you my dear.

Contagious | 1/4/2008 | Reviewer: Jordon S. | 1/4/08

My BEST FRIEND Chyanne and I were eating a peice of chocolate and Chyanne accidently spilled her piece of chocolate on my pants,it was soooo Contagious We LOVE that song!!!!!!!!!

This song is for those who love slow jam rock/pop | Reviewer: herry | 11/9/07

The song is great when U play it all time
and U start 2 feel like u dat u miss the all time.
and I give this song a thumb up.

PERFECT SONG! | Reviewer: h.e.l.e.n@ | 11/7/07

It 's a perfect song, the music and the lyrics are amazing!!! I really like this song, her second album, Under My Skin, (and of course her fist, Let Go) is as perfect as she was until 2004. Since 2005, she 's awful

Together | Reviewer: Meryl Morpaw | 9/4/07

i really love this song...i'm not in a relationship but i heard it on the radio and i rushed to download it. i listen to it constantly and it drives my mum nuts!

Courtney's review: | Reviewer: Courtney | 8/28/07

Wow I was deff. in this kind of a relationship
but I finally dumped his ass. HA!

This song rocks it makes
me feel better inside!

together by avril lavigne | Reviewer: ellen | 8/21/07

the soong is a mint song most of her new ones are great too. it doesnt really appeal to me tho. but still she is a mint artist and she has a very strong writing skill. also she is very persist about her feelings if you ask me.
well done avril. keep it up