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Union 13 Todo Es Una Politica Lyrics

Last updated: 11/27/2003 09:06:45 PM

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Toque de queda, masacre en la ciudad.
Los politicos buscan una victima mas
Nos quieren destruir Nos quieren matar
Hay que sacarlos de esta puta sociedad
Todo es una politica
Hacen una guerra de pura maldad,
millones de personas moriran,
mujeres y ninos perderan sus vidas y la tuya tambien
Todo es una politica
Nos quieren destrozar

All Of This Is Politics

There is a curfew, massacre in the city.
The politicians look for another victim
They want to destroy us They want to kill us
Let's get them all out of this fucking society
All of this is politics
They like making wars fueled by evil,
millions of people will all perish,
women and children will lose their lives and so will you
All of this is politics
They want to destroy us

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