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Todd Rundgren was born in 1948 in Upper Darby,PA. He
started a band at 18 years of age called the Nazz. In 1968
he began his solo career with albums entitled Runt and the
Ballad of Todd Rundgren. In 1970, he released the double
album SOmething/Anything with the commercial hits I saw the
Light and the classic Hello It's Me. The next album A
Wizard True Star was followed up with the double Todd album
in 1974. About this time he started the group Utopia and
began a series of releasing group albums. Uopia went
through many line up More...

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Review about Todd Rundgren songs
This song is beautiful ! | Reviewer: Gail
    ------ About the song I Saw The Light performed by Todd Rundgren

Todd Rundgren is so talented and this song is one of my favorites of his. The lyrics are so beautifully written and even though it is a man singing to a woman it describes how I feel about the man I met 5 years ago. I could never love another like I do him ! I wish musicians these days could write music like this. Music is just not the same as it was great back then ! Thanks for sharing these lyrics !

Rundgren nails it! | Reviewer: Too Late
    ------ About the song Hope I'm Around performed by Todd Rundgren

My wife had an affair and I was willing to forgive her keep together. She wouldn't give up the guy and I eventually moved on, divorcing her. After it didn't work for her, she became obsessed with having me back, but it was too late; I want nothing to do with her after what she has put me through. This song about timing and is true to life. Yes, I was not around when she needed me, although I am not crowing "I told you so". As the song says, she now knows what it's like to need me, like I needed her (at one point). I've seen the same thing happen to other couples who had indidelity enter relationships.

Awesome! | Reviewer: Joolz Bijoux
    ------ About the song No. 1 Lowest Common Denominator performed by Todd Rundgren

This is one of my all-time favorite Todd songs. It is an enigma, but that's part of what makes it special! I love the incredible guitar and it takes me way back to my "trippy" days. I never get tired of this song and hope it will be discovered by generations to come but sadly, I doubt it!
Todd rules!!

This might be your song.... | Reviewer: huston3
    ------ About the song Hope I'm Around performed by Todd Rundgren

In love? Broken heart? Hurt? Bitter? Hopeful? Hiding it? Sit down and give this oft'overlooked classic a serious listen. (Read the lyrics first, then with the song.) This will quickly become the song you will close your eyes and listen to once each day until s/he returns to you. (And maybe every day after...)

Stating the bleed'obvious | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song A Dream Goes On Forever performed by Todd Rundgren

A gem, a classic known only to a few, the Toddies. Go anywhere, drop into conversation 'a million old soldiers' or 'eyes that have seen will know what i mean'and perhaps, just maybe a kindred soul will acknowledge by a rub of the ear or gentle cough. You will not be alone. By the way the opening intro is a killer to play on the guitar. love to you all!

a perfect song | Reviewer: SCI
    ------ About the song Couldn't I Just Tell You performed by Todd Rundgren

I love everything about this song, because it's very original: the lyric, the music, the singing. Thank you Todd and company, for this one, and for "I Saw The Light", "Can We Still Be Friends" , "Hello It's Me", "We Gotta Get You A Woman", and "Bang The Drum All Day" ; many hours of musical enjoyment, from the early 70's up to right now, I still listen to them!

no.1lowest common denominatoor | Reviewer: geoffrey bourne
    ------ About the song No. 1 Lowest Common Denominator performed by Todd Rundgren

Well I first heard lowest common when I watched his dvd,live in san francisco.I have been playing it over and over ever since which is several years.I think Todd is brilliant,he is one of my greatest hero's .Five stars from me,love you Todd!.

Like many truthes, this song just lives on | Reviewer: Dan
    ------ About the song Can We Still Be Friends performed by Todd Rundgren

No, I don't know the story behind Todd's creation of this fine little tune, but it clearly shows a thoughtful, poetic mind. Todd has said that he's tried to create tunes that are not timely; not tied to a specific era, and so it is with this song. This is one that will go on and on, adopted by generation after generation. Not a complex tune, but one that sticks in the heart and mind.

lyrics can change everything | Reviewer: sharon
    ------ About the song Hawking performed by Todd Rundgren

marvin gaye_ mercy sound _strength behind the music is versitilty. this could be your greatest
love ballad if you would allow me to CHANGE THE LYRICS. Please allow me once again to contribute
to your eclectic genius. It would be an honor to
colaborate. This is a moving, powerful love song.

The Compassion of Todd | Reviewer: DPS
    ------ About the song Compassion performed by Todd Rundgren

Todd is an artist. A true artist pleases himself first and then waits (or hopes) for everyone else to catch up. Just read some of his other lyrics (Parallel Lines or Can We Still Be Friends). And to hear him sing Compassion (or any song), you can hear it in his voice. As long as he keeps writing, pop and rock will have a true creative force behind it.

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