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With "Should've Been A Cowboy", Toby Keith rode onto the
country music horizon with the assuredness of a seasoned
veteran. Perhaps it came from cutting his teeth on a string
of one-night and one-week engagements in the honky tonks of
Oklahoma, Texas and Louisiana. Perhaps it came from the
slow, methodical business approach that he's taken, such as
buying a bus and finding a good manager before he took
strides to find a record deal. But for whatever reason,
Keith has shouldered the rigors of impending stardom with a
grace shown by More...

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Review about Toby Keith songs
John Reposta | Reviewer: Dallas Johnson
    ------ About the song American Soldier performed by Toby Keith

You are such an asshole for saying that about the men and women who protect this country while you sit on your ass an post shit like this. Someone otta take you out back an shoot you like a rabid dog. You haven't been where they have seen what they've had to an quite frankly you don't have the balls to you worthless peace of trash.

R.I.P Staff Sargent Andrew Johnson

Lighten up Real Wife and Former Fan | Reviewer: Grow the F Up
    ------ About the song Stays in Mexico performed by Toby Keith

WTF do you care? If you're man is solid, you've got nothing to worry about. Must be suspicious or you wouldn't get so butt hurt over a stupid song.

It happens. Sometimes for the best. Sometimes for the worst. But it happens. So why not write a song about it? Lighten the fuck up. Sad sad little insecure housewives. Maybe if you had your own self worth it wouldn't be an issue if you actually had a man or not!


American Soldier is a joke | Reviewer: Jon Reposa
    ------ About the song American Soldier performed by Toby Keith

Everyone wants to be a hero. Unfortunately, American soldiers are not heroes. They join the Army because they are ignorant losers who can not find a real job. They join for the chance to escape their responsibilities, and to ho around and cheat on their wives and family. That truth is kind of ugly, isn't it. So lets just pretend they are all heroes, then we don't have to think about what they are really doing.

I've actually been there | Reviewer: Eq8
    ------ About the song I'll Never Smoke Weed With Willie Again performed by Toby Keith

I met Willie through a guy I dated for a while. This description is scary accurate of what things are like around Willie, although I wisely stuck to the contact high. That was enough to leave me in the drool on my chin fetal position, though.

I GOT IT FOR YOU GIRL | Reviewer: Jeff & Carol
    ------ About the song I Got It For You Girl performed by Toby Keith

This one of Toby Keiths' best songs. It the one my wife and I play all the time, for everything we do. It is my ringtone for her calls. Thank You Toby Keith. Jeff & Carol Forever

A family who serves | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song American Soldier performed by Toby Keith

My uncle fought in the middle east and is being deployed again, my other late uncle fought in vietnam, and my grandpa fought in ww2....
you see i didnt have a dad i had a father (any guy can be a father but it takes a special person to be a dad)and my grandpa was the only guy in my family close to where we live, after ww2 and all the years of smokeing/chewing made him have a lot of pain, but even though he was in pain he never let me see it and tried to make me as happy as possible and be there when ever he could.
he flew a flag by his house past the day that he died (grandma flew it past then) and even though he needed a scooter to move around, he still rose for the national anthem.... when ever i hear this song it reminds me of one of the best soldiers who ever lived..... RIP Verdin (Bud) Liddel

Great song! | Reviewer: Medardo
    ------ About the song I Wanna Talk About Me performed by Toby Keith

I'm from Mexico, somehow I have been always attracted by Blues, Nashville style music, I wanted to hear something about country and Toby is the first one I heard, and he is pretty good now, I'm big fan of him!

Hillbilly self esteem | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song I Wanna Talk About Me performed by Toby Keith

typical country musician, hate to stereotype but they ALL wanna talk about themselves. He cannot sing but he bellows pretty good....It's all about the package,white and blue beer. YeeHah Giddyup

The Words Dig Into Your Soul | Reviewer: Mdpdollar
    ------ About the song If I Was Jesus performed by Toby Keith

Listen to these words and let your thoughts about your life and how your living it with friends and acquaintance's . Do you have the loving attitude of friendship and love! Real men love there brothers and sisters in friendship by expressing their desire of caring in life . Step up and enjoy life and what you can give to others. If I Were Jesus? Think about it!

proud army mom | Reviewer: Eleanor
    ------ About the song American Soldier performed by Toby Keith

I'm a very proud Army Mom! I had this song downloaded on my cellphone as ringtone for my son who is in the service. I love this song, every word describes the sacrifices that our soldiers endure, it makes me cry... My prayers goes to all the dedicated Soldiers serving to fight for our freedom! GO ARMY! God bless you all and your family!

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