Toadies Lyrics

Toadies are:
Todd Lewis - vocals, guitar
Mark Reznicek - drums
Clark Vogeler - guitar
Lisa Umbarger - bass

The Toadies formed in early 1989 in Fort Worth, Texas. All
four of the original members worked at the Sound Warehouse
record store on Camp Bowie in Fort Worth. The first lineup
was: Todd Lewis (vocals and guitar), Charles Mooney
(guitar), Lisa Umbarger (bass) and Guy Vaughan (drums).

Their first show was at the Axis Club in Fort Worth on
April 23, 1989 opening up for Burning Temple (whose bass
player was Darrel Herbert) and More...

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Review about Toadies songs
AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Jacob
    ------ About the song Tyler performed by Toadies

this song makes you kinda wonder how a stalker feels when he stalks someone, how the stalker thinks everything is great and nothing could be better and its the best time ever. It puts a whole different idea on the stalkers mind set.

WRONG! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Possum Kingdom performed by Toadies

This song is about pre-merital, beastitality. No serial killers, just good pure possum humping. Just read line 14 and stop arguing, embrace possom lovers. Also a correction for the band they are called "opossum" atleast know your animal before you make a love song for it!~!!!!11!!!!!11!!!!!1!!!!!!!1111111111111111111111

SNM | Reviewer: seth
    ------ About the song Possum Kingdom performed by Toadies

it seems that with all the controversy on these comments, an uneducated person on this matter would be swayed back and forth like a paper cup in a hurricane. in my opinion, evil is everywhere, and it gets more heinous as the human race trys to become more "civilized". as for the song its self, there are to many keys in the song to say it's just coincident. even if if the song was just based off of an urban legend, it still holds the fact that the song is about the Possum Kingdom Lake murders, fictional or otherwise. plus, overall, it's a great fucking song.

Tyler | Reviewer: Nikki
    ------ About the song Tyler performed by Toadies

I did some research and this song is actually about a serial rapist that was in Tyler, Texas. That's how the Toadies got the name Tyler for the song. They were writing the song from the perspective of the rapist. Pretty crazy, but still a great song!

Potential song meaning | Reviewer: Kraky
    ------ About the song Tyler performed by Toadies

It seems to me this song is written from the perspective of a stalker. The girl, Tyler, is trying to get away from him, driving to Mexico. He follows, thinking, as the insane tend to do, that she secretly wants him along.

Brilliantly-written song! Disturbing, but f'ing great. I mean, the scene where he breaks in through the window, pours himself a beer, stumbles in the hallway, hears her, and presses against the door as she pulls at the sheets in fear... so vivid. And the inflection on "she pulls the covers tighter" is perfect.

.... | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Possum Kingdom performed by Toadies

Okay, the song is about multiple murders in Possum Kingdom lake.
I'm not gonna lie, I'll not be a gentleman: He plans on murdering her.
Behind the boathouse, I'll show you my dark secret: He lures woman there and kills them, and how he plans to kill her. And that he has done it more than once.
I want you for my own: He wants to be with her forever, and that can only be guaranteed by death.
Don't be afraid, I didn't mean to scare you: In other words, don't scream.
I can promise you, you'll stay beautiful, with dark hair and soft skin forever: She won't age normally after death, and she will die looking young.
Do you wanna die?: Does she want to stay with him forever?
So help me Jesus: He can't fight the temptation.
And this is based on a true story.

Wrong - Lyrics of Possum Kingdom | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Possum Kingdom performed by Toadies

Back in the early 1990's college boys used to take girls to Possum Kingdom Park Lake about 70 miles from Dallas, Texas. Several teenage girls were found murdered in the woods around Possum Kingdom Lake. The media thought it was a serial killer in the area, although no one was ever arrested. Lewis heard some of these stories since The Toadies are from Fort Worth and he added some stuff to write the lyrics to "Possum Kingdom".

Yall are all wrong. | Reviewer: wendy
    ------ About the song Possum Kingdom performed by Toadies

The song is just a song. About a guy wanting a girl. I am from PK lake in texas. There are no stories of murders. Or vampires. No rapes. Nothing. Its just a damn song. PPl are so stupid to get vampires or murders out of the song. Just enjoy the song and quit trying to make up stories of it. The toadies have a place out here. And thats why its called Possum Kingdom. Becuz they wrote it here. Duh.
If you dont believe me call them yourself and ask. I have the number.

electrocuted | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Away performed by Toadies

I feel haaaa! Here it goes, I was working in the bottom, of some oltpic divers new diving pool. Fourteen feet deep. I was in the bottom of the pool in about 2 and a half feet of water. Searching a good spot to place a submergable pump down to get the water out. While in the water a guy I worked with plugged it in. Wow, I could'nt believe it I was dying. Today, right fuckin now. I was 18 years. What happened next was soothing. I saw like, a slide show of the happy times in my life. Probably 10 photos of me being happy. I mean total calm happy. I really don't know how long I had been being electocuted. Man, Iwas so at peace. The only thing I kept thinking was I did'nt get to say goodbye to my Sister Mom and step Dad. I saw nothing but, white as this was happening. But, knew I was going somewhere beautiful. It's as soon as I took my first step it was starting to go backwards. I was thinking NO i don't wanna go back. It seems when i felt I was told to go back. The plug was pulled and I was there hoping someone would pull. The boss saw what was happening and made it happen. For about 3 sec's I felt good and the collapsed. I eventually crawled to the deck of this 14 feet deep pool. I layed for about 20 minutes on the deck and went back to work. I was on my way to be under the oldest trees. Peace

adflk | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Possum Kingdom performed by Toadies

Wrong, this song isn't about a "single rape."

Quote from Toadies guitarist Todd Lewis: "It's just a story I heard long ago; it's just a really cool, eerie lake, and some stuff I heard and some stuff I just make up. I tend to do that," Lewis explains about the watering hole where his family used to hang out and barbecue. "They dammed up this big river up there, and it's got all these spooky names like Hell's Gate. It's really cool."

There ya go.

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