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Alexisonfire To A Friend Lyrics

Last updated: 01/05/2011 10:00:00 AM

I'm thinking that it's time to get out
My patients are fading fast
The mind bruises just a little bit easier
Dark times and shadows cast

What are you suffering for?
Your pride or some kind of personal war?
And when you throw it away.
For nothing more than a simple taste.

I'll stay in time and watch you pass by
[paranoia woven deep beneath my skin]
I'll draw this line
and hope you'll take my side (breath slow, breath slow)
you shouldn't have to fight alone
[you shouldn't have to fight at all]
its nobody's battle but your own

panic holds me like a gun
firm and steadfast bleak and cold
I think its time to kill the drama
This life style's getting old

whispers behind closed doors
eyes spy from dark windows
plotting minds that seek to harm me, or maybe not
I don't really know

There is something waiting for me
in the darkest part of my imagination

I'll stay in time and watch you pass by
[paranoia woven deep beneath my skin]
I'll draw this line
and hope you'll take my side (breath slow, breath slow)
you shouldn't have to fight alone
[you shouldn't have to fight at all]
its nobody's battle but your own

This is just self-induced terror
there's more to come
this is just a glimpse
I tell myself it's all in my head
but I'm pretty hard to convince

Oh, there's no relief
Oh, this world can offer
Oh, there's no relief
Oh, this world can offer me

I'll stay in time and watch you pass by
I'll draw this line
and hope you'll take my side
You shouldn't have to fight alone
It's nobody's battle but your own

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sold out | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/4/11

Alexisonfire is an amazing band and they have a great way of telling stories with their lyrics. but i just learned thy played this song on degrassi and im extremely disappointed. especially considering they are not a main stream, sell out kind of band.

Honestly, | Reviewer: Kay | 12/29/09

I knew this song before I knew it was on Degrassi. I never was a big Degrassi person, but I've been a huge Alexsionfire fan since a friend loaned me "Crisis".

This song describes my current situation so well. What started out at something little turned into a huge battle...To A Friend indeed.

a friend | Reviewer: jorge luis rodriguez | 11/24/09

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AOF on Degrassi | Reviewer: paulL | 9/8/09

Alexisonfire is an incredible band and even more so live. Degrassi is also a great show, very addictive. probably my greatest guilty pleasure. I thinks its great that this song was played on one of the show's most significant episodes. Don't give this band crap, Both AOF and Degrassi are keepin Canada real. Also the show has had Taking Back Sunday, Fall Out Boy, and many many underground references as well. You should play "how many Tiger Army stickers i can find" during the next marathon.

Its a great song | Reviewer: DaN | 8/7/09

aof is agreat band with amazing music. I watch Degrassi a lot, actually i saw the episode in which it was played, the band isnt a sell out because they alow a show to play one of their songs during a scene which the song fits perfectley. I'm sure that aof had absolutley no intension of selling out. They probabley just felt that they could become more widley known by being played on a popular show such as Degrassi. If you enjoy their music, then do just that enjoy it, and quite calling a good band sell outs because they wanted a way to become more widley known.

wowwwww | Reviewer: Chrystal | 7/22/09

you guys are all just TOOOOOOOOOOOOO crazy.
this song is amazing.
and im gonna listen to the band more

and degrassi is a good show. watch it. jesus.
it got me to like the song. and true fans would be happy about that.

Woah. | Reviewer: Javier | 7/1/09

Great song. Great band.
Seems like aof always seems to make an awesome song on every album.
First song i ever heard from aof was Accidents, (and i have to thank my cousin for showing me that song.) Though, the first song that i actually really liked had to be Little girls pointing and laughing.
To see how far aof has gone from songs like that to now is pretty amazing. Aof seems to never get old.
Oh, and to comment on the whole degrassi thing. all i can say to the people who've became fans from that is, Great, you like aof now. but please, keep degrassi out of the lyrics.

Anything But Degrassi | Reviewer: lexii | 6/4/09

i've seen degrassi before, i've actually seen the episode when they played the song on it, i think alexisonfire sold out when they played the song on the t.v. show. they could have and should have used it better.

:) | Reviewer: Kikee | 4/2/09

Alexisonfire is an amazing band, and i`m pretty sure i am their biggest fan. just because one song was on a TV show doesn't really matter, a lot of bands have been on shows whats the big deal. anyway. they are an amazing band and i hope they stay together for a very long time. and i can't wait for their new album to come out. :)

Mass fan. | Reviewer: kaitlyn | 2/17/09

I live in Australia, so I don't actually know what that show is.
But, by seeing what you have all said, I would assume alot of bands have gotten publicity from this show?

In my opinion, Alexisonfire AREN'T a main stream band.
And won't ever be a main stream band.
They are amazing, and you don't find many who love them.
I have been listening to them since their first album and I dont think I will ever change my opinion.
I don't know why you are all stressing that they are on T.V.
It's quite hard to find their CD's here, I have to order them online and go to different stores to try and order them.

As for one comment, Goerge and Dallas both singing.
It makes for amazing contrast between the two and creates a different feel, something you don't get from many bands.
Dallas has an amazing voice, listen to City and Colour and you will see that.

As for all who dislike them, each to their own.
They are my favourite band, and I adore them.
They create an atmosphere worth being in.
Amazing live, aswell.