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Time in Malta Biography

Last updated: 05/08/2003 09:37:53 PM

The beginnings of Time In Malta can be traced to the Indianapolis hardcore/punk scene of the mid nineties. Bassist Todd Gullion, guitarist Chris Lyon and drummer Sander Leech became acquainted at local venues while playing in different bands, not realizing that several years and numerous projects later they would cross paths again half way across the country. Chris was the first who decided to relocate from Indianapolis to San Francisco. A year later Sander followed and the two began playing. Eager to start a band together, they spent a year jamming with friends but were unable to find suitable band members. In January 1997, Todd along his fellow leftover bandmates from Ice Nine formed Burn It Down. After recording a 4 song demo (later pressed to CD and 7"), Todd took off for San Francisco. By summer of 1997, Todd joined Chris and Sander, began rehearsing intensely, writing, recording and settling into a comfortable musical direction.

In the winter of '97/'98 they recorded a demo at Toast Studios (REM, Neil Young, Third Eye Blind, The Donnas, No Doubt) with producer Jacquire King (Third Eye Blind, Smashmouth, Tom Waits). The new material hinted at a level of musical maturity they were beginning to realize. After two more recording sessions, the band eventually linked with Escape Artist Records (Burn It Down, ISIS, Anodyne, Keelhaul) and released their highly acclaimed debut EP, "Construct and Demolish". Time In Malta's second release, a 7-inch single on Escape Artist Records entitled "Identify. Persist. Transcend." included a cover of Threadbare's "In Effigy" along with a new track, "Dissolve" which would be included on their upcoming full-length release.

In early 2002, Time in Malta released a split with new hardcore/punk heavyweights and fellow Bay Area residents, Breathe In who previously had released their debut on Bridge 9 Records. This time with Aaron Prellwitz (The Donnas, Red House Painters, Bratmobile, Hella) at the helm, the band turned in three songs. The split included one song from the upcoming full-length and an exclusive track as well as a cover of Nick Drakeâs Pink Moon . The record has been touted by Lumberjack as ãone of 2002's most anticipated splitsä. This was the debut release by State of Grace (owned by Hit Listâs Brett Matthews) in the US and Reflections Records in Europe.

Time in Malta released their debut full length, "A Second Engine" in July of 2002 on Equal Vision Records. The new material responded to the growing maturity of the band while continuing to reflect the hardcore/indie roots that they came from. Included were 11 original tracks and a cover from seminal NY rockers Chavez. Partway through the recording founding member Sander Leech decided that he wasnât able to fulfill the touring obligations for the record and intended to step out of the band. Longtime friend, supporter and veteran drummer, Eric Alexander who had been occasionally filling in for Sander seamlessly joined as a full time member of the band. Jesse Hayes was also enlisted to play bass for the upcoming tours and complete the new lineup.

The band has since completed several US tours and a European tour in 2002 and is currently continuing in support of "A Second Engine".