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Yellowcard Time Will Tell Lyrics

Last updated: 09/13/2007 12:00:00 PM

Seeing what the cause has left us,
There's no strength to minimize.
They try and try so hard to change us,
We see through these conscious eyes.

There's nowhere to point the blame,
I think it lays on top of everyone.
Many people think the same,
Still so much that must be done.

So Sit and ask yourself
Just when your final days will come.
In a never ending war,
Somehow they think they've already won.

And one day we'll see who's right,
One day they'll see just what they've done.
One day they'll see the obvious,
Time will tell it won't be long.

If I only knew what time could tell
Just what the future holds
Clock is tickin'
And on you as well

If I only knew what time would say
What will happen for us?
Bring us back to re-al-i-ty

If I knew what tomorrow would bring
It's left it's head
The future's built for destiny

Maybe I could find my destiny.
The road's a building block,
With rubber arms around the park to see.
No one left to go somewhere

Now I've got to go somewhere,
but abiding the cost.
Sometimes I'm just left wondering
Why life can be so hard.

And only time can heal these wounds.
Go to bed by dinner,
Got to think of everyone.

An avalanche had filled the anger,
Of a natural disaster
You should be our president,
Soon become our single masters.

When we're inferior,
As we're surpassed by machines we build.
Of glass interior,
So aim the gun and shoot at will!
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