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Nanci Griffith Time Of Inconvenience Lyrics

Last updated: 10/19/2005 11:00:00 AM

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(Nanci Griffith)

We're living in a time of inconvenience
Compassion fails me with this meaness in the air
Our city streets are filled with violence
So we close the doors to the anger
And pretend that it's not there
Here I go again
Back out on these mean streets
The eveil seems to cling to the soles of my feet
I'm living in a time of inconvenience
At an inconvenient time

We're living in the age of communication
Where the only voices heard have money in their hands
Where greed has become a sophistication
And if you ain't got money
You ain't got nothin' in this land
But, here I am one lonely woman
On these mean streets
Where the right to life man has become my enemy
Cuz I'm living in his time of inconvenience
At an inconvenient time

I've truned m,y cheek
As my history fades
As the clock ticks away
Any progress we've made
I never thought
I'd be ashamed to be human
Afraid to say
My time has seen its day
But I'm living in a time of inconvenience
At an inconvenient time

We're living in the age of greed and power
Where everyone seems to need someone to shove around
Our children come to us for answers
Listening for freedom but they din't know the sound
And there they are, our children
Dumped out in these mean streets
The evil sweeps them up
And brings them to their knees
They're living in our time of inconvenience
They're living in our age of communication
They're lost in a time of greed and power
They're living in a time
That I wish was not mine
It's an inconvenient time

(time, oh time)
(it's an inconvenient time)

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