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The Libertines Time For Heroes Lyrics

Last updated: 12/15/2012 09:15:54 AM

Did you see the stylish kids in the riot
Shovelled up like muck
Set the night on fire
Wombles bleed truncheons and shields
You know I cherish you my love

But there's a rumour spread nasty disease around town
You caught round the houses with your trousers down
A headrush in the bush
You know I cherish you my love
Oh how i cherish you my love

Tell me what can you want now you've got it all
The whole scene is obscene
Time will strip it away
A year and a day
And Bill Bones
Bill Bones knows what I mean
He knows it's eating, it's chewing me up
It's not right for young lungs to be coughing up blood
And it's all
It's all in my hands
And its all up the walls

Well the stale chips are up and the hopes stakes are down
It's all these ignorant faces that bring this town down
And I sighed and sunken with pride
Well I passed myself down on my knees
Yes I passed myself down on my knees

Now tell me what can you want now you've got it all
The whole scene is obscene
Time will strip it away
A year and a day
And Bill Bones
Bill Bones knows what I mean
He knows theres fewer more distressing sights than that
Of an Englishman in a baseball cap
And we'll die in the class we were born
But that's a class of our own my love
A class of our own my love

Did you see the stylish kids in the riot
Shovelled up like muck
Set the night on fire
Wombles bleed truncheons and shields
You know I cherish you my love
Yeah I cherish you my love.

Thanks to Paul Greene for submitting Time For Heroes Lyrics.
Genre : Garage rock, post-punk revival
Length : 2:40
Format : 7", CD
Released : 13 January 2003
Producer : Mick Jones
Label : Rough Trade

"Time for Heroes" is a song by English rock band The Libertines, and is featured on their debut album, Up the Bracket. It was released 13 January 2003 as the third single from that album, placing at #20 in the UK Singles Chart (see 2003 in British music). Based on singer/guitarist Pete Doherty's experiences and police brutality at the London May Day Riots of 2001.

The song was a fan favourite of The Libertines' live shows, and Pete Doherty's current band Babyshambles tend to play the song at most of their gigs. It is also widely acclaimed, coming in at number 2 (behind Last Nite by The Strokes) on NME's list of the best 50 songs of the previous decade.

A music video for "Time for Heroes" was filmed in Madrid, it featured Madrid's Metro and Colon's Square.

In May 2007, NME magazine placed "Time For Heroes" at number 6 in its list of the 50 Greatest Indie Anthems Ever, one place below "Don't Look Back Into The Sun," also by The Libertines. In 2011, NME placed it at number 10 on its list "150 Best Tracks of the Past 15 Years".

Graham Coxon performed a version of this song for Radio 1's Live Lounge.

"Time for Heroes" also featured in the American film American Wedding. From Wikipedia

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Baseball cap | Reviewer: Gus | 12/15/12

The baseball cap line has nothing to do with American meritocracy replacing English hereditary class structures. It's about the people the Arctic Monkeys were also talking about when they mentioned "trackie-bottoms tucked in socks".

Precious | Reviewer: Yimi | 4/12/12

This song is so wonderful, I love that inner strong of lyrics and music, and that feeling of pride and riot.

But the most I like this song is the elegance!

I am peruvian and I listen them since so several years, but they always sound fresh to me.

true meaning | Reviewer: Ali | 3/29/10

I think this song is amazing because of its so meaningful lyrics. To me, Pete here talks about how meritocracy has become prevailing in England compared tp Inheritance in the old days. The key sentences are "Of an Englishman in a baseball cap" which indicates how the american capitalist system (american meritocracy) has become dominating in England.
And the sentence "And we'll die in the class we were born But that's a class of our own my love". Here it shows how nowadays we choose what we become and which "class" we choose to belong in, so we die in the class we choose " a class of our own" in contrast to in the class we were born. A wonderful song! Pete is a genius!

the libs ! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/16/09

absolutely amazing song,
about the experience of the mayday riots,
brilliant melody and captivating lyrics
pete doherty and carl barat at the absolute prime, shame they havnt played together recently, hopefully they play together soon as they are simply a magical partnership and are pioneers of many british indie bands that follow in their footsteps.

this song is a pure masterpiece | Reviewer: Linnea | 8/20/08

I never get tired of this song. It just floats on and so sing-along-friendly, yet you never seem to learn the lyrics. The Libertines was such a great band, and Up The Bracket is definitely one of the greatest albums ever made. I wish Libertines hadn't ended like they did. Neither Babyshambles or Dirty Pretty Things comes quite close to what The Libertines was.

RE: The Libertines, Babyshambles And A Very Old Bloke! | Reviewer: Liam G | 3/11/08

Your right, Albion is one of babyshambles greatest songs i have heard.
Away from that tho I think The Libertines did a lot more better songs, like "Up The Bracket", "Last Post On The Bugle", "Music When The Lights Go Out", "Tell The King", "Time For Heoroes", "Can't Stand Me Now" and many others Which have a real significance (either poetically or giving an insight into the times that they have been through) than any other "comercialised" music that is played today. Give me The Libertines or Babyshambles any day....Great, Great, Great Band!

just amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/29/07

the sheer intellect of it is just awe inspiring.. really a great song.. so much more than what 'music' usually is these days..

could someone who has a broader literary sense than myself please explain the bill bones reference.. i know hes from treasure island but i cant make the connection, cheers

an inspiration | Reviewer: bill | 9/1/07

im into songwriting myself and i cant think of a greater influence to me than pete (and carl) most notably in the libertines. heart breaking melody, poetic lyrics and punk energy, doesnt get any better. ive been into so many obscure genres and artists past and present and the libs certainly are, as well as the most important brit band of recent times, possibly the greatest group ever. time for heroes is one of my favourite songs

Yessss | Reviewer: ducky... | 7/13/07

Pete Doherty What An Inspiration Lyrically...
The Libertines What A Band...
This Song Is Truely Awesome...


There are fewer more distressing sights than that of an Englishman in a baseball cap | Reviewer: Joey | 7/10/07

i'm not normally into the whole "proud to be british" thing, but this song sort of inspires a strange type of patriotism in me somehow. i think it's because it's honest about life in britain and doesn't just ignore the negative points, it sort of puts them in a good light almost sarcasticaly - "Tell me what can you want now you've got it all". it feels more real than any other song i've heard. and yeah, i definatly see the similarites with the clash. i saw a clip on tv the other week where pete and carl had a gig at their flat and the neighbours called the cops because of the noise and carl and pete just started playing the guns of brixton as the police were runing up the stairs to the flat.

A tribute to the Clash | Reviewer: Duncan | 7/6/07

No ones mentioned mentioned. This reminds me of The Clash, a great band if ever there was. Similar energy and raw street lyrics. Fantastic!

The Libertines, Babyshambles and a very old bloke | Reviewer: Sus | 7/3/07

I'm a very old bloke brought up on Dylan and the Stones - so I probably shouldn't even be here - but I am - and as I am I'd just like to say these guys are fantastic - music to make you drag a policeman off his horse - something I haven't done since the sixties. Rivalling Dylan in my affections - something I never thought I'd hear myself say - 'Albion' - what a fantastic song - And on the off-chance you're listening Mr. D please don't take so much stuff it stops you writing and performing. Genius.

WOW | Reviewer: =) | 5/29/07

The Pure intellect of the lyrics is enormous did u know pete got 10 A* at gcse and 4 A's at A level...and people say hes a bad role model humph!This is one of my favorite libertine songs the lyrics so true Britan is just not what it use to be all though how can you have a favorite lib song there all amazing as each other apart from radio america but everyones allowed a few errors:P and the whole drugs thing well firstly would pete be pete if he wasnt on them i doubt he would be the same reckless musician we all love jumping on cars and painting with blood and secondly look back all great musicians were on drugs- Elvis, Jimmie hendrix and id bet a fine doller Bob Dylan was at some point if hes not now..Pete i love yah:D....Dont die:|

AMAZING | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/28/07

my Ultimate favourite song.

the lyrics are brilliant, pete and carl are geniuses. Full on Libs reunion anyone?

it is the time for heroes! | Reviewer: Grant D | 4/11/07

at first i didnt have a clue to what he was singing ... so i checked the lyrics out in the book and they are imense..... i love the libertines ... i want 2 b a libertine... they shall never die!