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"I'm a traveler; that's what I do," says Tim O'Brien.
"Being a traveling musician is something you can honor, and
that's what I hope to do with this album." The new album is
Traveler, O'Brien's first singer-songwriter album since his
much-revered When No One's Around was released in 1997.

Over the last 30 years, Tim O'Brien has become one of the
most respected and beloved singers and musicians in the
ever-growing Americana explosion. Nominated for three
Grammys and the winner of the 1993 International Bluegrass
Music Association More...

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Submit Tim O'Brien New Lyrics

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floods of south dakota | Reviewer: barbara benson
    ------ About the song Floods of South Dakota performed by Tim O'Brien

I absolutely love this song and am a musician myself. Where would I find the lyrics? I've been listening to learn the lyrics and haven't been able to decipher some of them?

Thank you.

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