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Tim McGraw (born Samuel Timothy Smith in Delhi, Louisiana
on May 1, 1967) is a country music singer who has achieved
many number one singles on the country charts and sales of
over 25 albums. He is married to country singer Faith Hill
and is the son of baseball player Tug McGraw. His trademark
hit songs include "Don't Take the Girl", "Down on the
Farm", "I Like It, I Love It", "It's Your Love" (featuring
wife Faith Hill), and "Live Like You Were Dying".

He signed with Curb Records in 1990 but it wasn't until
1992 that he had More...

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Review about Tim McGraw songs
My dad | Reviewer: Bailey
    ------ About the song My Little Girl performed by Tim McGraw

My dad hasn't been there for me every time, but he has he wasn't in my life a hole lot when I was younger but now he is and I love him so much and this song always brings tears to my eyes when I listen to it. This song will be my father and daughter dance for my wedding!

dis song does it for me really | Reviewer: muladelo shirley
    ------ About the song Please remember Me performed by Tim McGraw

Its gud bt t makes me think of my late sisters,evrytime I listen to dis song,my tears just fall down..dis song touches my soul..I love dis song with all my heart..actually country music is my favourite music,it takes me far back!!!

My little girl | Reviewer: Kay
    ------ About the song My Little Girl performed by Tim McGraw

My dad and I haven't ever really seen eye to eye and we're always arguing. But I turned 21 16/11/13 and he made a video with this song attached to it. It had pictures of my late grandad an I and all members of my family with me. And I had a party that night and I danced with him to it. It definitely bought us closer. And I now know my father daughter dance for when I get married. :)

My Old Friend | Reviewer: PuppyPaw
    ------ About the song My Old Friend performed by Tim McGraw

This song reminds me of my friend who passed away just three weeks ago only at the age of 13 :( I makes me cry everytime I listen to it. I still love the song though, it's very beautiful.

Dear Babycakes | Reviewer: Babybutt
    ------ About the song My Best Friend performed by Tim McGraw

This song woke me up around 2am. It was literally playing in my dream. I was dreaming such a vivid dream that I was thinking..where is this music coming from and trying to turn off my alarm on the clock radio, but then I realized the music was coming from a satellite radio system. I listened for a minute, then I woke up from the dream. It has been more than a year since I have held my best friend/lover in my arms and I now know where I'd be without you here with me.

just me | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Drugs Or Jesus performed by Tim McGraw

Please look beyond the title and look at the meaning behind the words. He's telling us that the small minded people only see things as black or white, no in between. We allow that thinking to make us believe we're no good if we're not one of those "perfect" holier than thou people, hence the line "the stained glass windows in my mind don't let the light of God shine in". People think there's a perfect world out there and want to "sit and watch that perfect world go by". No such thing. We're all "searching for love and meaning in our lives". No perfection, just acceptance and understanding.

Desperation | Reviewer: Babra aanyu
    ------ About the song Drugs Or Jesus performed by Tim McGraw

This song is real. I don't think its all about drugs, the drugs are only representative of the addictions in our lives. Sex,fame,porn, fear, pleasure,drug,and our constant need to be accepted. Its time me and u choose what's right and stop living in constant fear.choose Jesus coz the bible is all the proof u need.be free.

Tim' Recovery from alcoholism | Reviewer: Cindy
    ------ About the song Nothing To Die For performed by Tim McGraw

Tim has over 3 years sober and he wrote this song about his realizations of where drinking could and would take him (and possibly other people if he drove drunk. If you've ever fought the battle with the bottle then you that drinking yourself to death is not worth dying for. In the song he states what he would die for. Congrats to Tim for 3 years sober!!

he is powerul | Reviewer: mimi
    ------ About the song Over and Over Again performed by Tim McGraw

my name is mimi I am from USA i have been married to my husband for the past 6years, just 2months ago he left me for another woman. then I meet this powerful spell caster from Africa. I never believed he could help me but as a result of my frustration I decided to give him a trail. it only took me three days and my husband came begging since then he has been under my control and I am the only woman he now sees. you can contact this spell caster Sangospelltemple@gmial.com he could save your marriage too

Morons! Live like you're ALIVE. | Reviewer: Paul
    ------ About the song Live Like You Were Dying performed by Tim McGraw

All I can say, And I think this is what Tim is getting at, Don't wait 'til yer dyin to start living. I'm currently at deaths door and find the song a bit infantile. I'm not climbing any mountains other that the slopes that have become the stairs to my bedroom. I'm stubborn but I doubt I'll climb them much longer. I'm glad I lived life fully while I could. In the event that I recover, I'll try to carry on that way. Don't wait 'til you get smacked in the face with the fact that you screwed your life up to change the way you live it.

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