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Moe Bandy Till I'm Too Old to Die Young Lyrics

Last updated: 11/15/2010 10:00:00 AM

If life is like a candle bright death must be the wind
You can close your window tight and it still comes blowing in
So I will climb the highest hill and watch the rising sun
And I pray that I don’t feel the chill till I’m too old to die young

Let me watch my children grow to see what they become
Oh Lord don’t let that cold wind blow till I’m too old to die young

Now I have had some dear sweet friends I thought would never die
Now the only thing that’s left of them is the teardrops in my eyes
If I could have one wish today and know it would be done
Well I would say everyone could stay till they’re too old to die young


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Who realy wrote this song? | Reviewer: Vaughn Loose | 11/14/10

I remember my grandfather being a little touched, but a little perturbed when he herd Moe Bandy sing this song. He claimed he wrote the lyrics to this song.

As he told the story, he sent a cassette tape into a record company with several songs on it that he wrote hoping they might like some. Not long after he sent the cassette, he heard this song on the radio, every word as he sang it on his recording.

After my grandfather passed, I took up the fiddle and my grandmother passed on a fiddle and a bunch of cassettes he recorded of him self. I was listening to a cassette of him just singing in his old, raspy, smokers voice on one cassette; no instruments. I never heard any of the lyrics of the songs before until this song started, "If life is like a candle bright." Every word just as Moe Bandy sang it.

Now, I know he could have heard this song and liked it so much because of his 5 surviving children he loved dearly so he recorded him self singing this song, but I have trouble believing that's the way it went.

Regardless, who ever wrote that song was obviously singing from their heart because you can't just make up lyrics like that without feeling them. I know that was my Grandfather's prayer, and he was "Too old to Die Young" when he passed, and he was proud of his 5 children still living. My Grandparents had 6 children, but one died of medical issues in his early 20's.

We grandchildren of James Kedric Loose remember this song, "Too Old to Die Young," as "Pappy's song." Now that I have a little girl of my own, it has become my prayer as well.

in memory of a friend | Reviewer: Daniel Marsh | 7/4/10

I first heard this song when my friend sang it one night at a party. So this past weekend my friend died and at his funeral a couple of people played it because it was his favorite song. And now I know the lyrics too I won't be afraid to join in singing it when I hear it, just so I can do it in memory of my friend.

pickin at home | Reviewer: charley harrington | 8/5/07

I just sit at home by myself & play the songs I know but I love Moe Bandy songs & Too old to die young is one of my favorites. I was watching him today on RFD-TV & I would love to learn the words to the song & any other lyrics you can send me. Charley Harrington