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Formed in California's East Bay in the dying
embers of 1995, Tiger Army played their first show in March
1996 at the legendary 924 Gilman Street in Berkeley with
AFI. More shows throughout Northern California that year
saw them on bills with various touring and local
punk/rock'n'roll bands, even playing a gig with English
psychobilly legends The Meteors. 1997 saw a little more
playing and recording, as well as the band's first release,
a three-song vinyl EP.

A period of unwelcome dormancy followed, at
least as More...

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Review about Tiger Army songs
To much time | Reviewer: Peter
    ------ About the song In The Orchard performed by Tiger Army

its been to long since i listened to in the orchard, first gave it a listen when my mother told me that she has a song for everyone close to her and that this was the song she connected to me. never really understood the depth of the song until not too long ago and now i know why she said that its "my song". its been with me since that day and it always will be with me. a really good song that explains me to myself.

Love it | Reviewer: Matty Wolfman
    ------ About the song Incorporeal performed by Tiger Army

Not to kick up an argument or insult anyone but, the MORAL of this song is to not mess up a great thing. This guy clearly blew it with a girl he was in love with and feels he cannot get her back

Tiger Army never dies!!!! | Reviewer: clairyV
    ------ About the song In The Orchard performed by Tiger Army

Tiger army is the best. 'nough said. Nah but in the orchard is a great song. The heavy feel of the slide guitar is a perfect companion to his meloncholic voice. This is a great song of an awsome album. I love toger army. Nick13 us a musical inspiraton.

LOVE it! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song In The Orchard performed by Tiger Army

I first heard this yesterday played during the movie credits for Captain America. I'd never heard of this group before but I now plan to try more of their songs. In the Orchard really speaks to my heart and I can't stop playing it :-)

My interpretation | Reviewer: Kevin
    ------ About the song Incorporeal performed by Tiger Army

So i know taking it literally is easy, about a soul trapped in our world wanting to go beyond and blah blah blah. But i mean...taking it less literally to me it seems like someone saying that he feels dead. That no one sees or hears him anymore, not being able to love. He feels alone and hollow, wanting to pass on but in a sense being trapped here, wanting to forget everything because his memories of happiness are more painful than anything that can affect him.

The Outlaw Heart, a statement of Tiger Army. | Reviewer: Biyouki
    ------ About the song Outlaw Heart performed by Tiger Army

This is what I love about Tiger Army. Open ended stories, no background; the crucial structure to allow imagination to place on in the moment. It's obvious that the character in this killed someone, so in order to feel the song, I suppose one would have to be able to relate to such an action. The idea of being chased away from true love, most likely never to see him/her again. This idea can bring a tear to anyones eyes. Though it rarely rhymes, most can forget this in just listening to the message, and seeing clearly the landscape being well enough explained. Praying in a cheap motel room, looking to the stars and moon, feeling regret for one horrible action, that leads to an even more depressing action; nearly anyone can relate to these things. Beautiful song.

Hell yeah!! | Reviewer: Derek griscavage
    ------ About the song In The Orchard performed by Tiger Army

In the orchard is a song with atmosphere, along with a story line of ones life. Tiger Army is rockabilly but In the Orchard strikes other emotions I feel deeply beautiful... You know what I'm sayin.

true romance | Reviewer: Alice69
    ------ About the song True Romance performed by Tiger Army

This song is so surreal! It's that good. The melody of Nick 13's vocals, and the hint of Davey Havok's voice goes really well together. Nothing emoo about it(until thoes little scene f***'s start listening to it over and over forcing the song into the emo background) :\ Which will be never!!

Love Them. | Reviewer: ChristinaVengenz
    ------ About the song Forever Fades Away performed by Tiger Army

Ive loved them ever since my older sister introduced me to them. And this year I thought it was so rad that my world geography teacher loved them too. He even played this song as background music for a power point.
And Nick 13 is hot.

one of the best bands ever | Reviewer: snitches get stitches
    ------ About the song True Romance performed by Tiger Army

arent these lyrics amazing.........dont ever use emo and tiger army in a paragraph together........say psychobilly you little kids, its the mix of your fathers music and his fathers music together and its fueled by pain and punk rock, not feeling sorry for yourself, and trying to get attention by cutting yourself or wearing eyeliner.....get that mofos?

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