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Mike Posner Tick Lyrics

Last updated: 01/11/2011 10:00:00 AM

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Tick, Tick, Tick!
Tick, Tick!, Tick!
Tick, Tick!, Tick
Tick, Tick, Tick
Tick!, Tick, Tick!
Tick, Tick!, Tick
Tick, Tick, Tick

You are now rocking with the best!
Your boy dark ken
A.k.A Mr. representing al that...
And I'm defintely in the building
Detroit to the Atl...
It's just a matter of time (Its just a matter of time)

The illest new song writter
Illest new producer...
Mike Posner. (Its just a matter of time)

It's a matter of time, the mixtapes find the 1
This shit for my homie, Dj Bensi
You Know how we do,
C'mon man cut this shit off, man
Gettho people would never joine for Mike P
Tick!... [echo fades]

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