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Thus Defiled Biography

Last updated: 07/19/2006

Thus Defiled were originally formed in 1992 with the aim of creating some of the most intense and dynamic yet original black metal within the extreme music scene. Though many years of evolution the band have expanded their style of black metal as the band members grew as individuals, but still hold true to their original black metal roots whilst continuing to create their own style of metal.

With the first full length release “Through the Impure Veil of Dawn” Thus Defiled built up a successful following in mid 90’s, and “Wings of the Nightstorm” expanded on this success gaining the band major slots with bands such as Cradle of Filth, Cannibal Corpse, Moonspell and Immolation to name but a few.

Durin this era line-up problems raised their head, but towards the new millennium two new members were found in the shape of Paul F and Rob V. The band then set about writing and rehearsing new material. This material had a more progressive edge to it, yet still extremely dark in essence.

In 2001 the now stable line-up entered Philia studios with Dave Chang at the helm to record "Fire Serpent Dawn". This was only released as a promo disc to let people know that Thus Defiled had returned, however one track from this session "Of Shadow And Storm" did feature on the "Britannia Infernus" compilation CD, which boasted acts such as Black Sabbath, Venom and Cradle of Filth. It also gained Thus Defiled the vote for “Best unsigned Band” by the readers of Terrorizer magazine.

The band then set about concentrating on writing material for the next full length album “Weeping Holocaust Tears”. This album upon release took the press by storm, and also gained airplay by legendary DJ John Peel on Radio 1, as well as securing Thus Defiled major interviews and excellent reviews in many of the world’s top magazines. The band were also offered a slot on a major tour with Decapitated and Rotting Christ. A special guest slot with the legendary Mayhem also followed.

The next chapter: “Daemonspawn” is yet to be fully written. The recording was done in Texas, USA, and whilst there Thus Defiled also played their first gig across the Atlantic in Houston to an excellent response. Sakis of Rotting Christ was also keen to be involved in this recording, and laid down backing vocals for the track “…And They Shall Feat the Night”. The legendary James Murphy is also the mastering engineer for the album. The release date is approaching, “Daemonspawn” shall be unleashed soon!

Thus Defiled Recent History
- 2002 -

Release of “Fire Serpent Dawn” promo disc

Voted best unsigned band – by the readers of TERRORIZER MAGAZINE

- 2003 -

Release of “Weeping Holocaust Tears” CD

Major magazine reviews: KERRANG – 4/5

- 2004 -

Major UK tour: DECAPITATED (Earache)
ROTTING CHRIST (Century Media)
THUS DEFILED (Shadowflame)
ANATA (Earache)

Full interview in KERRANG! Magazine

Airplay on national Radio 1 by legendary DJ John Peel

Major support slot in London for the seminal Black Metal masters MAYHEM