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Few bands perfect their art the first time out. In fact,
many spend their careers trying to get 'it' just right.
Sometimes it works; sometimes, it's futile. Other bands
deliver their best effort in the form of their first album,
yet nothing lives up to the initial blast. In Thursday's
case, the quintet was satisfied that they accomplished
their musical goals on their first two albums. But rather
than rest upon past glory and remake the same albums,
Thursday, in effort to expand beyond its rather prolific
past, poured everything into More...

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Review about Thursday songs
Listen to me sing from your heart | Reviewer: Lola
    ------ About the song The Lovesong Writer performed by Thursday

People all around say, I'm really hoping she has the chance.
People hope for the best kid in the best of the greatest but,
Everybody is perfect and nobody has the right to talk to anyone they want!
You push me, I'll push you harder than the beat of my voice
So.. Listen to me sing from your heart!
I know it sounds strange but..
I know it sounds strange but it'll be worth it.
Listen to me sing from your heart!
From your heaart X3
Yeah.. Listen to me sing and nobody's perfect so just say thank you for who you are..
Listen to me sing from your heaaaaaaart! X3
You might join in but listen to me sing from your heaart! X4

awesome song | Reviewer: Paul S
    ------ About the song Paris In Flames performed by Thursday

One of Thursday's best songs - Geoff writes about our strong initial backlash response to our suffering which is created and destroyed by nature in the way these flames will be extinguished by the skies and the meaningless.existance we have in terms of the greater things around us that allow us to exist (forget my name, forget my face) - love Thursday

Analyzation of lyrics | Reviewer: Chris
    ------ About the song Asleep In The Chapel performed by Thursday

i love this song and its amazing lyrics! I think its about trying to have faith in God so that you will be saved and trying to changed your fate and destiny if it's damned. "swerve to the beat(try to avoid fate/the inevitable), spill all the ink (your fate is "written in stone"), no revisions (you can't change it)." "fall on the page, read in the margin [(our fate has been chosen and you cant change it or do anything about it (read in the margin)]" them suffering and not being saved is "the symptoms of letting go of all [their] hope" there's a lot more lyrics to analyze. very good lyrics though!

good song | Reviewer: Liz
    ------ About the song Asleep In The Chapel performed by Thursday

its like someone is trying so hard to believe, pray but can't seem to grasp what its all about, seems to say that 'anything' can be religious.. because someone believes in it..
like just mocking it-
'Since we can't compete with martyred saints
We'll douse ourselves in gasoline and hang our bodies from the lamposts
So that our shadows turn into bright lights'

-almost saying its impossible what Jesus did for us.

Good song btw.

genius | Reviewer: nonameazn
    ------ About the song War All The Time performed by Thursday

I've listened to this song for a few years. when it randomly comes on my mp3, i enjoy it, but recently I listened hard to the lyrics and realized how much meaning is in this song. This song is genius and i hope all their songs are as meaningful as this

<3 | Reviewer: Vanessa
    ------ About the song Asleep In The Chapel performed by Thursday

This song is lyrically brillaint and speaks about the conflicts in religion and loosing faith. I love how the lyrics all somehow connect but each verse could stand on its own and still make sense. Good job Thursday :)

NO | Reviewer: NO
    ------ About the song How Long Is The Night performed by Thursday

Actually teh lyrics r correct Teh persons ^^^^ is trollin' btw This was a great songs it's really helps me recovered from some serious problems I had about a year ago... FOAR EVERYWUN FRUM 62 6f 78 78 79 20 59 45 53 20 49 4d 20 42 41 43 4b 21 21 21 20 49 20 3c 33 20 55

Beautiful and haunting | Reviewer: HollyFairy
    ------ About the song Paris In Flames performed by Thursday

This is such a beautiful song. The City of Love, in flames, burning - to me it's about a bitter breakup. Someone who is misunderstood in a relationship perhaps, and who wants nothing more than to disappear, to be erased completely.
The spoken word in the middle 8 section is haunting, and there's just so much feeling in this song. From another angle it seems to be saying that the sunlight, the good things in our lives might just turn out to be fake, and that this breakup, this journey is one we must all make at some point in our lives.

Lrics mean so much to me. | Reviewer: Oofft x
    ------ About the song Cross Out The Eyes performed by Thursday

I Think the lyrics are what makes this song to be honest. It reminds me of this boy that i really like. I dont know why, it just does, maybe it's supposed to do that.
The lyrics really are sensational. He was talking about someone he had lost. I love this song, and if he's reading this, i love you so much Nathan. I dont think you understand howmuch haha. Well, bye. See you in form. Nathan <3

Awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Jet Black New Year performed by Thursday

The song rocks specially the countdown part, it fucking rocks. Is not fun to be suicidal, you're an asshole BRIAN. I bet you're emo and say that being emo is about being suicidal, that''s why they get such a bad reputation.

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