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D'Sound Thunder & rain Lyrics

Last updated: 08/18/2002 09:06:09 PM

turn the phone off
I’ve switched the moon on
and the wind in the trees
is singing our song

can you forgive me
for grief I’ve caused you?
I was so much in pain
- I didn’t mean to

and I need to explain that the thunder & rain fill my heart

can we just be here
and rearrange things
so, that when it gets day,
you can just leave me

leave without the anger
and without the chainmarks
and relieve me from guilt
that made my sky dark

and I need to explain that the thunder and rain fill my heart

I found a weak spot
I couldn’t make out
and a face in my dreams
I couldn’t chase out

but now I am at zero
and I can see straight
I will listen to you
without no debate

and then you can explain how the thunder and rain fill your heart