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Shit, tired of getting shot at
Tired of getting chased by the police and arrested
Niggas need a spot where we can kick it
A spot where we belong, that's just for us
Niggas ain't gotta get all dressed up and be Hollywood
You na'mean?
Where do niggas go when we die?
Ain't no heaven for a thug nigga, that's why we go to Thug Mansion
That's the only place where thugs get in free and you gotta be a G

At Thug Mansion

Verse 1:
A place to spend my quiet nights, Time to unwind,
so much pressure in this life of mine, I cry at times,
I once contemplated suicide and woulda tried
But when I held that nine all I could see was my mama's eyes
No one knows my struggle, they only see the trouble
Not knowing it's hard to carry on when no one loves you
Picture me inside the misery and poverty
No man alive has ever witnessed struggles I survived
Praying hard for better days, Promised to hold on
Me and my dogs don't have a choice but to roll on
We finally found a spot to kick it
Where we could drink liquor and no one bickers over trick shit
A spot where we could smoke in peace
And even though we Gs,
We still visualize places that we could roll a piece
And in my minds eye, I see this place the players go and pass it
Got a spot for us all, So we can ball
At Thug'z Mansion

Ain't no place id rather be
chillin' with homies and family
sky high iced out paradise in the sky(thugz Manison.)
Aint no place id rather be
only place thats right for me
chromed out manison in paradise in the sky

Verse 2:
Will I survive all the fights in the darkness? Trouble sparks
They tell me home is where the heart is, dear departed
I shed tattoo tears and couldn't sleep
Good for multiple years Witness peers catch gunshots,
nobody cares see the politicians ban us,
they'd rather see us locked in chains
Please explain why they can't stand us
Is there a way for me to change?
Or am I just a victim of things I did to maintain?
I need a place to rest my head with the little bit of homeboys that remain
Cause all the rest dead
Is there a spot for us to grow? If ya find it, I'll be right behind ya,
show me and I'll go
How can I be peaceful?
I'm coming from the bottom Watch my daddy scream peace while the other man shot
I need a house that's full of love when I need to escape the deadly places
slanging drugs
In Thugz Mansion


Verse 3:
Dear mama don't cry, Your baby boy's doin' good
Tell the homies I'm in heaven and it ain't got hoods
Seen a show with Marvin Gaye last night
It had me shook
Drinking peppermint schnapps with Jackie Wilson and Sam Cook
Then some lady named Billie Holiday sang
Sittin there kickin it with Malcolm till the day came
Lil' Latasha sure grown, tell the lady in the liquor store that she's forgiven
So come home
Maybe in time you'll understand, only God can save us
Where Miles Davis cutting lose with the band
Just think of all the people that you knew in the past that passed on
They in heaven found peace at last
Picture a place that they exist, together
There has to be a place better than this, in Heaven
So right before I sleep dear God what I'm asking
Remember this face, save me a place
In Thugz Mansion


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It's really show me "Who Is Who In Life". | Reviewer: Moremoneychasing | 9/11/13

Ain't got notyn 2 say...but as a Thug that I am ..... I felt errtyn is apunin according 2 ao Pac lyrics.. I mean just listen 2 d verse "As long as we Nigga can Smoke in Peace". 2pac is just my Mentor. I'm gonna love this track till my dying day. I miss u so much more bro.... Forever u will live on Pac.

Dreams | Reviewer: Prezzo | 6/28/13

Pac alway speak my mind lik he is reading my thoughts,thug mansion heal my life struggles and troubles of mind.this track is my penaecea and 2 me it the best pac track i ever heard.

neva gets beta dan dis | Reviewer: BigManP | 5/8/13

If any rapper had it all,his name is tupac shakur.Face it n let tha truth b exposed,he could rap anythang out perfectly n no ada rapper can do dat,nt even biggie could ryt such linez,smtym I wanda whr he gets such lynz n hw he arengez em...wish he left me those brainz wen he died so i can conqour..i swear i was gon diss all this lil wayns n tygaz n shatta they useless future since dey hv nothin important to share with us via they music...all they do is polute the rap game...jayceon The Game taylor is one of em nowadays

Mc Givens M | Reviewer: mc givens m | 3/11/11

lIKE NAS Pac surely is the anointed prophet of gangsta , no F words JUST nigga, so loaded with emotions i count my lucky stars on everyline in the song THUGS MANSION , surely i 've played all versions a thousand times and i need more of a thousand times even if i will be a born again follower of Jesus ChRIst

no raper can be like shakur again | Reviewer: pandoz | 3/4/11

2pac could be like jesus that speaks about how his death gonna be, i stil wunder the how he sang this vision song b4 i hope you could be the next king in the world 4 the fact that u die.this song will continue to reign,get your sory be off ur death R I P

Native Thug'z | Reviewer: Native Thug'z | 11/11/10

2pac's message is true to the word when it comes to giving a insight into the life of a person "coming from the bottom" Down here life is hard(bottom) all across this country Native's and "Nigga's" share the same fate "victim of things I did to maintain" 2pac came out when I was a young teen and struggling- line for line this song is in every way my life- life on the reservation is survival of the fittest for sure- now I'm a G in collage writing a paper about Native Thug'z- You na'mean?

the ultimate poet | Reviewer: ring | 10/25/10

now thats what i call real poetry, full of emotions, reality and above all, a clear mesage to both rappers and us the listeners. to me, rap music revolves or has its origin in poetry and some of us don't see or hear it in many lyrics created or perform by most current rapper. it has shifted to billing blingbling or whatever its called. stop buying these demeaning lyrics that place blackman in a category of culprits, atleast thats the friendliest word our gods-like friend call us.

Timeless hit | Reviewer: Isaac mukundi | 9/23/10

Cant figure out the magic in the lyrics of this song because the first time I listened to it I couldnt think of any song which could beat this. He was keen and serious on choice of words. R.I.P Pac your spirit lives on

Truest story | Reviewer: Shaft | 5/16/10

Pac lived up to his reputation as prophet on this track and anyone facing advercities can relate to the first verse like it was written with hem in mind...
This is what hip hop was born to be,lets carry the torch!

The truth | Reviewer: Lil mary | 7/31/09

Yow dis is one of pac's best hits. He really expressed himself in real thugs way of life! The truth of how he hustled errday ... His songs sent a message n they have a true meaning. Aint no rapper alive dat can b like 2pac.. I love pac's music,!

Pac the icon | Reviewer: Agubata Odinaka | 5/24/09

Thug mansion is a song that pac sang with vision.Shakur did not use vulgar words here.That fact underlines the level of seriousness he put in the song.He sang his heart out here.Sometimes i wonder why i love pac's music.I have since come to realise that it is his wordings that does the trick.Check this out-"...Or am i just a victim of things i did to maintain..."
pac remains the best rapper i hav ever known.Today,rappers are all monotonous in their songs.Always talking about women.Pac kept his standards.

Chea Bo | Reviewer: Kelsie-Ray | 11/14/07

i love dis song brah!!!!!
yeah yeah hard owt man pac
was a dreamer at the start
and now hez an icon 2 heapz
of peepz around the world...!!!

Love N Hate | Reviewer: Z | 9/27/07

Wow this song is true to the heart yo people think that shit like that isnt a big of a deal pac knew he was gonna pass on to heaven and he wanted to tell everyone about how it was gonna b i believe 2pac is in every1 or atleat the people taht support what he stood for he made the world rite but when pac passed no one could believe that it happened not now not ever come on dont die on us people said but face facts it was his time to go PEACE PAC R.I.P. bro ur spirit will live on forever

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