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It's close to midnight
something evil's lurkin' in the dark
under the moonlight
You see a sight that almost stops your heart
You try to scream
But terror takes the sound before you make it
You start to freeze
As horror looks you right between the eyes
You're paralyzed

'Cause this is thriller
Thriller night
And no one's gonna save you
From the beast about to strike
You know it's thriller
Thriller night
You're fighting for your life
Inside a killer
Thriller tonight, yeah

You hear the door slam
And realize there's nowhere left to run
You feel the cold hand
And wonder if you'll ever see the sun
You close your eyes
And hope that this is just imagination
Girl, but all the while
You hear a creature creepin' up behind
You're outta time

'Cause this is thriller
Thriller night
There ain't no second chance
to fight the thing with the forty eyes, girl
(Thriller night)
You're fighting for your life
Inside a killer
Thriller tonight

Night creatures crawl
In the depths up to haunt in their masquerade
There's no escaping the jaws of the alien this time
(They're widen open)
Is the end of yout life

They're out to get you
There's zombies in on every side
They will possess you
Unless you change that number on your dial
Now is the time
For you and I to cuddle close together, yeah
All through the night
I'll save you from the terror on the screen
I'll make you see

That this is thriller
Thriller night
'Cause I can thrill you more
Than any ghost would ever dare try
(Thriller night)
So let me hold you tight
And share a
killer, diller, chiller
Thriller here tonight

'Cause this is thriller
Thriller night
Girl, I can thrill you more
Than any ghost would ever dare try
(Thriller night)
So let me hold you tight
And share a
(killer, thriller)

I'm gonna get you tonight

Darkness falls across the land
The midnight hour is close at hand
Creatures crawl in search of blood
To terrorize y'all's neighborhood
And those whoever shall be found
Without the soul for getting down
Must stand and face the hounds of hell
And rot inside a corpse's shell

I'm gonna thrill you tonight
(Thriller, thriller)
I'm gonna thrill you tonight
(Thriller night, thriller)
I'm gonna thrill you tonight
Ooh, babe, I'm gonna thrill you tonight
Thriller night, babe

The foulest stench's in the air
The funk of forty thousand years
And grizzly ghouls from every tomb
Are closing in to seal your doom
And though you fight to stay alive
Your body starts to shiver
for no mere mortal can resist
the evil of the thriller

(Evil laugh)

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The psyche behind this lyrics | Reviewer: psyche | 2/9/14

This lyris is basically telling you that people in general has two side to them (Good and Bad). If a child under 6yrs old watches this video, he/she would be provoked by the video because he/she is not able to differeciate between good or bad as yet. But, by the time that child becomes 6yrs old or older he/she will develop something call SELF-CONSISTENCY. When you develop self-consistency you will see that this was just a lyris/video which is sending a message, if not you will develop BORDERLINE personality where you think a person should be all good or all bad aka black or white but where is the grey? This is a good video, its teaches about the different personalities in people just the same as snow white and the seven dewarf.

Thrilling Indeed! | Reviewer: I'rael de Rex | 5/9/12

This song has a lot me intersetations brothers, my teacher says the song is dangerous, giving a lot me reasons why. But I don't think I beleive him, no I don't wanna beleive it. Mj is innocent, I guess he just misunderstood him yeah! That's it.*

Illuminati warning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/14/10

Thriller symbolize Illuminati.. MJ want to share the fillings.. it's not about the ghost, zombies or monster.. "There's no escaping the jaws of the alien this time" Thats why this music change the music industry.. think about it..

you are amazing mjj | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/10/10

michael you will never ever have second to none i will always love you , makes me fell freak the horribles things that some stuped said about you you were ,are and will be aweasome!!!! i think i will be always inlove with you

100 percent!!! | Reviewer: mike valentino | 2/26/10

most people dont realise that mj is a big star in the world,he did a very excellent songs and totely wicked,he gave inspiration to all younger artist in music industry.mostly we support him 100 over 100,for the critic your useless and he did it,his the king of pop,you should be your biggest fan and still have every video in my vhs and cd/dvd and thanx for giving me an idea,ur the best

mj...good heart...great talent | Reviewer: lani-nj | 1/7/10

Michael Jackson- Superb talent! Thank you for your genius and your caring nature. Love you.

Congradulations upon being inducted into the National Film Registry by the U.S Library of Congress for "Thriller" video.

!!Thrillericous!! | Reviewer: Isis | 8/4/09

Thriller is one of the best song by Michael Jackson ever! The CD is still selling big time today! The chorography is so perfect. The video is completly entertaining.If you are a huge MJ fan go to

Magnificient! | Reviewer: Charllene | 6/21/07

Yeah, isn't it so obvious that Michael Jackson is the [best singer of all the time]??? King of POP, to say more precisely! He's my idol forever!!!

my review of his video thriller | Reviewer: aisha adams | 6/12/07

i think to see a resurrection will happened not only to him . michael joseph jackson doesn't belong to my idols, but i wish to see him by his own person, because i love his songs. only statue of czech saint john napomuck helps me to have the same career with him

Thriller | Reviewer: Hannah | 1/10/07

This song is a piece of art, Michael is a musical genious, this is a truly awsome song

thriller | Reviewer: claudia | 2/14/06

i think MJ and thriller changed music history, there will never be a man as talented as michael on this earth....hes simply the king of music

The King Of it all | Reviewer: Walid Sami | 7/28/04

Michael Jackson is the most talented man on EARTH!

Thriller Changed the Music History ,I can't say anything about this Album except that this is Fantastic!

When someone tries to go beyond MJ , that's Impossible.

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