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The post-hardcore quartet Thrice formed in 1998 in Irvine,
CA. Guitarist/vocalist Dustin Kensrue, guitarist Teppei
Teranishi, bassist Eddie Breckenridge, and drummer Riley
Breckenridge all knew each other from high school and the
neighborhood skate park, and the usual round of practices,
music competitions, and local gigs helped hone their new
band's sound. By late 1999, Thrice had amassed enough
material to cut a proper record. Working with Death by
Stereo's Paul Miner, the quartet recorded 12 tracks and
self-released the Identity More...

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Review about Thrice songs
second birth | Reviewer: seeker, who has been found
    ------ About the song Stand And Feel Your Worth performed by Thrice

This song clearly denotes a daily (morning) ritual of prostration,recitation of a mantra or verse given by ones teacher, meditation on the true teachings (of whatever strain of one's initiation), another prostration and another recitation.

There is no right and wrong | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song For Miles performed by Thrice

Their reviews are not wrong... Just because you see and hear a different interpretation does not make you any smarter or more right than others. I'm sure we can all debate about what the lyrics mean but nobody truly knows other than dustin and those who he has told. Even if that is what this song is about, all music (just like all art) is open to interpretation.

Christian | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Image Of The Invisible performed by Thrice

I believe that that the band ment for this to be a song about Christians. It's about oppression as well. Many times though history these two went hand in hand, such as the persecution of Christians by Nero. He killed thousands maybe millions of Christians. Christians should be thankful Constantine came along who persecuted in the name of Christ which still isnt right but it was better for Christians. Anyway, you also can't ignore the whole image of the invisible part. That can only point to God.

One of their "most Biblical" songs of all | Reviewer: Anthony Zarrella
    ------ About the song Stand And Feel Your Worth performed by Thrice

Pretty much this whole song is constructed from Bible quotes and imagery. First, just capitalize "Word" throughout the song - "The Word that could save us all" "Kneel and know the Word [who had] come to die"

Then you've got "wrought with breath and dirt" - the Genesis story (God shaped Adam out of clay and breathed life into him). "We will burn, but we will not burn up" - the burning bush in the desert (which was "burning, but was not consumed")

Most interesting to me though, as a Catholic, is "We are water, wed with wine and ghost." I have no idea if Dustin is Catholic, but that sounds to me an awful lot like the consecration of the Precious Blood in the Mass (holy water is added to the wine, and through the power of the Holy Spirit - or "Holy Ghost" - it becomes the Blood of Christ). No idea what, if anything, this says about Thrice's message in the song, but it's very intriguing to me.

Great | Reviewer: Fernando
    ------ About the song Circles performed by Thrice

I think this song talks about how many times we talk about change and even try to do it but we end up in the same place. And how people are just moving around without never really getting anywhere, because they're so blind.

its Gospel | Reviewer: Scott
    ------ About the song The Great Exchange performed by Thrice

The great exchange is a term that Martin Luther used in the 16th century to describe the swap of life and death that happened on the cross.

That we lived a sinful broken life as enemys to God and deserved to die in paymant... Yet Christ lived the perfect life that we could not have ever lived and then "exchanged" his life for ours on the cross.. giving us his perfect life and in turn taking abd paying for our sin on the cross.

Thats what this song is about, thats what Dustin is about... grace, Jesus, forgiveness. Who doesn't want (or need) that?

his blood for his friends | Reviewer: his blood for his friends
    ------ About the song For Miles performed by Thrice

I really like this song too. But I think the message is more complex than you're hitting on. Our scars come from our pain. We must open our own scars to empathize with others going through pain. Its painful for us to dig deeper into our scars (shed our blood for our friends) but it builds eternal bridges of connection between us and our fellowman and it helps us all heal.

wrong | Reviewer: owner
    ------ About the song For Miles performed by Thrice

you've all missed it. this song is about war and the aftermath. the terrible decisions bush made to drag us into war, and the wounds of PTSD and physical wounds and death we need to tend to upon return.

Wow! | Reviewer: Robert
    ------ About the song The Great Exchange performed by Thrice

This song tells of a great story wow. I don't see the religious side to this song as others might, but that's just because I'm not a religious person haha! I guess we all see what we want to, but we can all agree that what the captain portrayed in this song is the noblest of men, and this song tells about both the bad and good sides of humanity. There are those who would destroy for no apparent reason, and those who would do the exact opposite for the sake of being good.

The reference | Reviewer: Adam
    ------ About the song Hold Fast Hope performed by Thrice

This song is actually a telling of the biblical story of Jonah and the whale.
When the ship Jonah was aboard was hit by a violent storm, the deckhands ran to him and asked "How can you be sleeping?" They felt that this storm was the result of a curse that Jonah had brought aboard and a quick decision was made to throw him overboard... Later Jonah was swallowed by a whale and he lived inside the belly of the whale for some time whilst praying and trying to keep his faith... Holding to hope.

Some of the references are.
How can you be sleeping.
Who of us is cursed ( the sailors lash out)
If no one speaks a word then let the lots be cast ( like pulling straws )
White death wakes in black skies ( lightning at night )
You Will yet be baptized, steeped in shattered glass ( once thrown over, the cold water would feel like thousands of shards of glass)
As strong arms grip your shoulders (when the deckhands grab Jonah to toss him overboard)
The slow part is when Jonah is waiting in the water to be swallowed by the whale.
Find your faith and dive deep through living gateways pass ( holding onto his faith while passing through the throat of the whale - living gateway )
Lined with death and ivory ( dead fish other animals and whale bones - ivory)
It can't be more obvious. Love this song... One of my favorites.

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