Threshold Lyrics

From left to right:
Karl Groom,
Jon Jeary,
Richard West,
Nick Midson,
Johanne James.

"Once upon a time", muses a journalist from America's
MusicTAP, "a rock band could be aggressive and a little
loud, and also be melodic and perhaps hit you with a ballad
once in a while, and they were still a rock band". And now,
he says, "for the first time in a long while, there is a
contender for the coveted title of rock album".

He is, of course, talking about the stunning new Threshold
album, Subsurface. His final words? More...

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Reviews about Threshold songs

Great song | Reviewer: Apocalypse
    ------ About the song Stop Dead performed by Threshold

This is a great song from Treshold... it's weird that so little people know this amazing group...
I listen to all kinds of Rock/Metal (from progressive rock to melodic death metal) and this is one of the best, slower, metal bands

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