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Stavesacre Threshold Lyrics

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go ahead raise your fist
revel in your mire and filth
like a fat little...
pink gets ugly quick
parading your waste
oblivious and insolent

why don't i
just put you out of your misery
out of sympathy
i can only stand it so long...

go ahead flash your smile
a season of fattening
prime of the canine
and swine-bred children of guile
carry on, carry on
i know who i am
wretched worm
my self deserving of hell
i fell onto mercy you despised
and denied

...watching you torture yourself
and whoever else you can bring down
with you...

"...a song took from our souls
a home that is our own
we're all born remembering
but few of us will know"
the tip of your tongue
a memory in mind
just outside of you...
will you wake to find
the rest you so clearly seek
or painfully realize that it's lost

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