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Hank Thompson Three Times Seven Lyrics

Last updated: 09/03/2008 12:00:00 PM


I'm three times seven and I do as I doggone please
There ain't nobody this side of heaven gonna get me on my knees
I'm a three times seven and I'm gonna have my fun
Well I just won't tame I'm gonna be the same till I'm three
times twenty-one

I'm the big duck in a puddle don't you try to push me around
Cause I don't come in like no lion just to go out like a lamb
I'm three times seven baby that makes twenty-one
Well I love on sight and I fly by night I'm a no good son of a gun

[ guitar ]

I'm rough and ready and I really feel my oats
Now I ain't scared of no livin' man or any gun he totes
I'm a triflin' troublemaker and I'm really full of fun
Wild and woolly and full of fleas I'm a no good son of a gun

Repeat Chorus


Well I make my livin' loafin' I never did work a day
Workin' and me just don't agree cause I ain't built that way
I'm a rootin' tootin' rounder gals and don't you think I ain't
Well I might get around to paintin' the town but I never did like to paint

Repeat Chorus
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