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Yellowcard Three Flights Up Lyrics

Last updated: 10/30/2007 11:00:00 AM


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:] | Reviewer: lizzie | 10/30/2007

I like this song alot.
Whenever I'm sad or depressed, i just pop in the Yellowcard cd and listen to 3 Flights Up since it's the first track so i wont have to do anymore work..
Sometimes i listen to it over and over.
It's a really good instrumental.

I <333 Yellowcard | Reviewer: Kristin | 6/23/2007

I like this instrumental. My friend who recently passed away June 18th,2007 loved this song. Its a reminder of him to me. So Ive grown to love it.

person who admire YELLOW CARD | Reviewer: nguyễn tuấn tiến đạo | 4/21/2007

I've until not all of album"s yellow card!!!I wish I had had enough album's yellow card!!! please give me a hand.My stress is:132/119B đoàn văn bơ F14,Q4,HỒ CHÍ MINH city,vietnam.

Why? | Reviewer: Fernando | 4/21/2007

Isnt it stupid to post lyrics about a song with no words on it? It doesnt even HAVE lyrics after all! why dont you just put a link to sheet music when this happens? Damn, are people idiotic or what?