Three Dog Night Lyrics

When Three Dog Night struck gold with "Joy To The World" in
1971, fans worldwide acclaimed their driving pop/rock sound
and powerful harmonies. Today Three Dog Night delivers
their signature sound to audiences spanning generations.
The current Three Dog Night line up features founding
members Cory Wells and Danny Hutton on lead vocals as well
as original keyboardist Jimmy Greenspoon and Michael Allsup
(lead guitar). Paul Kingery (bass), and Pat Bautz (drums)
have joined the group since it reformed in 1981 after a
six-year More...

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Review about Three Dog Night songs
Great song that still holds up even today | Reviewer: Alone
    ------ About the song I'd Be So Happy performed by Three Dog Night

The lyric and chant type feel of the chorus is what grabs me every time I here it. After 25 years of marriage my wife passed away and this song makes me long to be with her even though I will have to wait for my time.

Croak | Reviewer: Ziggy Zigby
    ------ About the song Joy to the World performed by Three Dog Night

Croak, croak, croak.
(That's the only review you'll get from me, because you didn't print my diligently written review of "Mambo #5".) Perhaps you didn't like where I wrote that the song was annoying. I am not the only one to offer that opinion. The song was inducted into the ONE HUNDRED MOST ANNOYING SONGS OF ALL TIME.
I have been working hard to write reviews for your Website in order to help justify your publication of copywrited lyrics under the Fair Use Doctrine. I am offended when you ignore all my hard work.

Transcends Generations | Reviewer: Danny
    ------ About the song Pieces of April performed by Three Dog Night

I would love to know the composer's story behind this song. It is packed with such descriptive emotion that it takes many of us of that generation back and has the power to transport us back in time in nostalgic somberness and delightful hope. Thanks 3DN for recording this awesome song!

My forever Bouguet | Reviewer: Maggie De
    ------ About the song Pieces of April performed by Three Dog Night

This beautiful song came out at a very life changing time for me. My Dad passed away in April, and every time I hear this song, I know it is his song. The morning in May, reminds me of when Dan Blocker, my childhood idol, passed away- Daddy and I would always watch Bonanza together, and my April and May now ride the sunsets together- until I get to go Home and join them.. my all time forever favorite song- Thank you Kenny ,and Three dog Night- for a piece of Heaven...

a soft sweet memory of april and may, and until june 1985 | Reviewer: mg
    ------ About the song Pieces of April performed by Three Dog Night

a soft song, later a memory, as i'd initially heard it as a child of the 70s, never then paying it much mind. just another awesome song, taken for granted. now as I reflect, it reminds me of the first love, who I knew these months. june came, and she went abroad, to end up marrying who she went away to meet. I seem to retain memories of those precious few months of 85..

We stood on the crest of summer | Reviewer: Danny
    ------ About the song Pieces of April performed by Three Dog Night

Reminds me of my first love, whom I married and being so young, didn't know how to really love and appreciated her for who she was. She divorced me after 3 years (and who could blame her). I was the one who lost. "We stood on the crest of summer, beneath and oak that blossomed green" takes me back to that time and to "a love that we called ours". Thank you J for being such a great woman. May your happiness ever blossom as the "springtime". God bless you always.

Kansas City concert | Reviewer: Brymanks
    ------ About the song Shambala performed by Three Dog Night

I saw Three Dog Night perform at Royals stadium in August of 73' the summer after high school graduation. The concert had ended and we suspected that an encore would occur as Shambala had just come out and they hadn't performed it yet. We had a long drive so we took advantage of the break to exit the stadium and beat the traffic. Sure enough, they returned to the stage and sang it. I can still hear the echo of Shambala as we wound down the exit ramps. Great memory!
As a side note, Trex was on stage prior to the main event. They were playing with borrowed equipment as thiers was lost in shipping. The tried to play Bang-a-gong as an opener and stopped halfway thru. They started over again and midway began destroying the equipment. I recall guitars and drums being smashed and scattered all over the stage.

great opening song | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Celebrate performed by Three Dog Night

I had a band back int the 70's, and celebrate was quitw e often our openingsong of the night.. It showed a lot of what i wanteded to show an audience right from the get with big harmony...let them know what they aare in for!

Shambala | Reviewer: chelutenge
    ------ About the song Shambala performed by Three Dog Night

We danced to this song in my early teens in the mid to late 1970s at Piggs Peak (Millsite)in Swaziland(Africa). We even had a Siswati(language spoken in Swaziland) version of the song.

Memories | Reviewer: Mooneigh
    ------ About the song Shambala performed by Three Dog Night

Each time I listen to this song I go back in memory to my childhood in the 80s. I hear my mum sing it as she went about her chores at home. I'm 31 now in Zimbabwe. Nostalgia, so sweet!

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