Three Days Grace Lyrics

Adam Gontier - vocals, guitar
Brad Walst - bass, vocals
Neil Sanderson - drums, vocals

There's something a little creepy about growing up in a
town so small, you can bear witness to indiscretions and
trace the causes and effects on people's lives. On the
self-titled Jive debut from Three Days Grace, the
Toronto-based trio originally from Norwood, Ontario,
Canada, has produced a potent hard-edged rock album, filled
with melodic choruses and lyrics that explore the darker
side of human behavior.

From the first single, "(I More...

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Review about Three Days Grace songs
Cold hard !Rage! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Animal I Have Become performed by Three Days Grace

I literally spent half an hour in my yard with a metal stick hitting and kicking branches that fell of a tree. this song helped me so that I wouldn't do that for about 3 more days.
This song is awesome. I got a lot of rage out.

I'm So Sorry | Reviewer: Axel Vice
    ------ About the song Let It Die performed by Three Days Grace

this song describes what I did to someone perfectly...I fell like an asshole and I wish I could make her feel better but she wants nothing to do with me anymore :""""""( I never meant to hurt you it's just that some fires die out, you can do so much better than me. I don't deserve you anymore

To Static21 | Reviewer: Matilda Duschane
    ------ About the song Get Out Alive performed by Three Days Grace

Dude, just shut the fuck up, will ya? Some kids are stupid, and that's completely normal b/c they haven't matured enough to realize the silly mistakes that they are making. Take it from a 21 year old who was called "biker chic" when she was 13 for wearing leather jackets, gloves, and combat boots everyday and became the most well known person in school for that. I didn't wear all that b/c I wanted to be cool. . . I wore that stuff b/c I take after my dad's interests in that stuff! My dad was a gang leader and wore combat boots and greased his hair back, and I simply thought that stuff was. . . Well, badass! So I took after him and. . . It got me popularity. . . Which, I didn't really want but. . . What can you do? But now that I'm kind of an adult now, I have more smarts than I did when I did when I was in junior high. So trust me kid, it's gonna take awhile before reality registers in the little one's minds.

this song saved my life and im 10 | Reviewer: Taylor
    ------ About the song Never Too Late performed by Three Days Grace

Thank you Adam Brad Neil Gavin and Naomi for making me realize its never too late to turn my life around. I don't know if my friend on xbox Marissa killed herself we have been trying to figure that out for a while see she was one of the nicest people on my friends list and I told her everything. But everytime I listen to never too late it reminds me of her and me and Marissa were one of your biggest fans. But when I was growing up kids bullied me and it was really hard for me but when I listened to one-X and never too late I did what the song one-X said get back up and fight and Never Too late told me to not give up. And thanks again guys.

The Past | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Over And Over performed by Three Days Grace

This reminds me of.. Well.. Losing two friends in two months. I've lost 4 so far this year. Their nams are Cassie, Natalie, Sawan, and Dao. I just lost Cassie. This.. Was a very sad Christmas. And I got no support. None. Gone Forever reminds me of Cassie, I had known her since kindergarten. I Hate Everything About You reminds be of Onny the friend jumper from last year, and Animal I Have Become reminds me of my parent's fiery tempers. Get Out Alive reminds me of that, too.

incredible song so true | Reviewer: Animals Rage
    ------ About the song Animal I Have Become performed by Three Days Grace

i have massive anger issues and everytime im angry a whole other side of me shows...i hurt anyone and anything when im mad...not me my other side... i cant control him...this song is perfect for someone like me

Fabulous one! | Reviewer: Da brazilian guy
    ------ About the song Unbreakable Heart performed by Three Days Grace

Truth be told, Three Days Grace never disappoints, all of their musics are simply awesome, but this one is by far one of their best works, could not expect less from these guys, they rocks! And let's not forget to mention the lyrics, oh God... What can I say? Simply perfect! Assurance of cheer don't matter how down you're feeling! ^-^

A | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Over And Over performed by Three Days Grace

when my ex and i were going through a rough patch he told me that everytime he listens to this song it reminds him of me. same with "i hate everything about you" these songs basically described our complicated relationship

Back off. | Reviewer: Elle
    ------ About the song Riot performed by Three Days Grace

Dear People who are Unreasonably Pissed at People Who Listen to This Song to Vent:
No offense, but if you had all those confusing emotions in your body, unsure how exactly to soothe yourself, and desperate for just a nanosecond of reprieve, I'm sure you'd get why people listen to this song when they are mad, sad, upset, whatever. I'm sure that in your probably sheltered life of happiness ( and no, breaking up with or boyfriend or getting in a fight with a BFF is most likely NOT going to make you feel suicidal and mentally unstable... But hey, that's just me. Think whatever you wanna think.), you're thinking, "Oh, these people are so melodramatic. If they'd just calm down and think of starving children in Africa or something, they'd see how stupid they're acting!" BTW, my family comes from West Africa... And trust me, where we are, there are more starving children in America. Anyways ^^ I'm not saying that I've been through my parents dying or getting a divorce of whatever, but sometime a whole bunch of crap loads on you all at once and you feel really desperate. And I'd rather at least try and let out my anger through music or the arts than slitting my wrists. So please try and understand. Or at least stop freaking slandering us.
Sincerely, Me.

Anonymous | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Over And Over performed by Three Days Grace

I can relate to this song word for word. I'm currently with my bf of 5 years the only reason why we r still together is because I can't leave even if he isnt the best for me I'll keep on wasting all my time.

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