Three Days Grace Albums

  • Transit Of Venus Album (10/2/2012)
    Sign Of The Times
    Chalk Outline
    The High Road
    Misery Loves My Company
    Give In To Me
    Give Me A Reason
    Time That Remains
    Broken Glass
    Unbreakable Heart

  • Life Starts Now Album (9/22/2009)
    Bitter Taste
    World So Cold
    Lost In You
    The Good Life
    No More
    Last To Know
    Someone Who Cares
    Without You
    Goin' Down
    Life Starts Now

  • One-X Album (6/13/2006)
    It's All Over
    Animal I Have Become
    Never Too Late
    On My Own
    Get Out Alive
    Let It Die
    Over And Over
    Time Of Dying
    Gone Forever
    Bonus Track
    Running Away

  • Three Days Grace Album (7/22/2003)
    Just Like You
    I Hate Everything About You
    Let You Down
    Now Or Never
    Born Like This
    Wake Up
    Take Me Under

  • Demo CD Album (10/1/2000)

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    Reviews about Three Days Grace albums
    One Word: AWESOMENESS!!! | Reviewer: Nandy
        ------ About the album One-X performed by Three Days Grace

    i know all the songs on One-X except for It's All Over. but i've heard it and it cool. The first song that started my love for this band was Just Like You. It started it all. TDG is the best band ever. Thank you, Adam Gontier, Neil Sanderson, Brad Walts, Barry Stock. Luv you guys and thanks so much!!!

    Amazing | Reviewer: Jake
        ------ About the album One-X performed by Three Days Grace

    I love this band! I've been listening to them for years and still I listen and sing to almost all the songs in this album. (favorite song: Gone Forever. Love the emotion in this song!!!!!

    Greatness | Reviewer: Rick
        ------ About the album One-X performed by Three Days Grace

    the one-x album is great, i can sing along to every song and experience emotions at the same time. Almost all of these songs have something 2 do with my life and they really help me make it through the day. 3DG keep up the great and inspiring work.

    A riot of an album. | Reviewer: Mason
        ------ About the album One-X performed by Three Days Grace

    Every song on this album can be summed up in to one word - amazing. The more you listen to it, the more you will love it. Truly worth the cost. you will listen to the songs over and over so go and buy it now!

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