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Since 9/03, Three 6 Mafia has put out 2 new albums. Three
6 Mafia presents Da Headbussaz came out around January in
the south, later up north. Da Headbussaz consists of DJ
Paul, Juicy J, and Fiend (formerly of No Limit).
Hypnotize Minds has also recently released Three 6 Mafia
presents Lil' Wyte "Doubt Me Now". Lil' Wyte is the newest
member of the Hyptnotize Camp Posse. Three 6 Mafia's new
album "Da Unbreakables" is set to be released 6/3/03. In
related news, former HCP member, T-Rock, has finally
released his debut album, More...

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Review about Three 6 Mafia songs
Three 6 Mafia-Motivated | Reviewer: Lewis
    ------ About the song Motivated performed by Three 6 Mafia

I used to listen to this back in my college days!
I like the lyrical content and delivery. The music meshes well with the central theme and delivers a great ensemble fused with drums, and strings. Great Down South Jam!

Ignorance | Reviewer: Foxx
    ------ About the song Stay Fly performed by Three 6 Mafia

This may be late, but for all you idiots, the whole song is a sample of "Tell Me Why Has Our Love Turned Cold" by Willie Hutch. It says "You're my pride, you're my dream, you're my darlin'." So drop the Lucifer garbage. You're actually insulting an old talanted artist.

Money Flow lyrics | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Money Flow performed by Three 6 Mafia

K-Roc: So many,my niggas Keep reachin' the top of this mountain So can what I do K-Roc ain't go beg the believas I'm from where the prophets Niggas that a felt me Make a little rich with a thug (??) click K-Roc ain't got no more I'm on top this shit though Check this place Am I came with Juice Man can scratch Tired of the scam Fucked up his chest Heavens gonna give me some Plus I'm on the dub They might know we on edge And why fuck the frown Wonder where gooby at Bitch if you suckin' that dick Prophet Posse we made it bitch K-Roc we rockin' wit empty (??) May kick in this shit that you can't understand To bad that bitch is a want to be killa We murder the bitch and fall out of the fame

DJ Paul: I got six digits on my bank statement,rock Eight if you be like includin' The two behnd the dot So how they thinkin' they gon' stand up to the six I spend a hundred g-b's To Itenerize this click Candid cameras,bees in the trees Of my domain So I can feel safe when I'm goin' off that oozy man Go low mass Suburban,uh Go low mass and Impala,nuh I can brag for days But because you nosie hoes I'm stoppin' uh

Koopsta Knicca: Bitch rest rest Out there finna crash like a lunatic Is it to them bitch If finna get em' Tricks with cataract Head back to bisac have they take him to woods Them goose ate his body The body's no good Now I would let them buck him But the hoe just make me sick Sick sick like a mad man When the woofers start blastin' Here yee,here yee don't you see I got that Three 6 Mafia here Were deeper than your faculty

Chorus x4 Sport wood cherry in the cemetery Were blowin' hard Cuase it aint nothin' But the money flow in this camp

Gangsta Boo: I gotta get it While the gettin' is good Yeah,you know the motto bitch Out to set that chedder Cause it's better when you havin' shit Dollar signs is on my mind Look into my fuckin' eyes Gettin' you hypnotized Lettin' you know that Prophet is on the rise Why you fantasizin' Visualize me as you mrs. I'm somewhere on that mowett And smokin' blunts Is how I kick it So niggas recognize that in this here niggas So don't you see Comin' hard as thunder Ready to rumble What's it gonna be

Lord Infamous: Come on a journey On to the world Or do you know about where the nigga be hearin' This house of Scarecrow make headin' to make it back home in the 21st century We niggas keep letchin' the duration The Three 6 (??) I punish Your facin' the ready to place the grace behave We leavin' no traces Were paperchasin' Don't maybe get to rockin' Whit this motherfuckin' stock and facin' to the stock And open seseme my forty thieves done a chop Know what they croppin' When we ride grand larceny tonight You best be slidin' through Three 6 murderers Creep form the black side

Juicy J: I got this plan This plan to rob a man Tell him we got plenty of white Get a nigga a key of sand Take his fuckin' cheese Count them g's Then go overseas to them Columbians make them drop it off Say nigga please Back to the hood With them good From my niggas dope Nothin' but the pure And that chronic that'll make you choke I'm stugglin' in that paperchase From day to day All in the crime For you niggas snitchin' Droppin' dimes I'm takin' care of mine

Chorus x4

666Mafia | Reviewer: Dankulous
    ------ About the song Stay Fly performed by Three 6 Mafia

Alright, I would no doubt they say Lucifer your my kind your God because 8Ball and MJG have said in open on songs they are Masons, and masons worship Lucifer. Although, they dont look at Lucifer as Satan or the Devil, they say its something differenent.. I dont reall know what to believe but about that, but when it comes to music, I have been listening to this song for YEARS and I surely have not wanted to be evil more or less because of any music.. If you let this shit control you, then that is your own fall. I just smoke weed and get crunk with my friends while we ride through the county roads just for fun man. Those were the good days, now i work all the time and live in a city where i dont know anyone. None of us worship lucifer or do rituals and bullshit, i just like music man. I love to rap, im not the best ever but I also dont do it for money or fame, which is why 3 6 dose it and their hyptonize minds logo is creepy as fuck too, but again i dont buy into it.. its just music and i love it for my reasons.

In reply to "Anonymous" | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Stay Fly performed by Three 6 Mafia

The fact that you're stating you're a Christian and have no problem with the lyrics of this song or those of the one you quoted is beyond me. I'm pretty sure a believer in Jesus Christ would be first offended and second disgusted. Now, if you saying that you were a Christian was a joke then that makes since. But just know that Christ is suppose to be reflected in you, His child, and in just those few sentences that you wrote Christ was not reflected in any way.

Anyways, this is suppose to be a comment about the song- and I obviously disagree with it, which is why I don't listen to it.

mhyde | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Stay Fly performed by Three 6 Mafia

what fag pussies. What "Lucifer"? are u hearing in the beggining? Just listen to music. So what if they`re considered satanic - thats just bullshit - this is their style. I`m christian too, but i gotta be stupid to stop listening to Three 6 just because they`re considered "satanic". If u think this is evil and satanic listen to "Fuckin` Wit Dis Click" (one of my fav). Quote from that song (DJ Paul`s part): "Watch me rob Adam / And watch me rape Eve." xD

sippin | Reviewer: syke1ne
    ------ About the song Sippin' on Some Syrup performed by Three 6 Mafia

they aint going at bitches on this song man its about x pills and wat they like on it u geeks. this songs the shit im a sizzurp sipper and three 6 and ugk r the shit rip pimp c. u rite man this is one of three 6s tightest songs

ummm | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Stay Fly performed by Three 6 Mafia

If you listen to the actual song those words are from it sounds like they are saying youre my god youre my king youre my father. In BOTH songs. I don;t know why people are saying its youre my pride youre my love youre my darling because it doesnt even sound like that

It's not you're my pride, you're my dream you're my darling! | Reviewer: chris is always right
    ------ About the song Stay Fly performed by Three 6 Mafia

It Say lucifer, you're my king, you're my father. Clearly. listen hard kiddies. just more proof the world is going to shit fast. go check out rihanna's music video umbrella if you really wanna know some creepy shit.

lol@rock | Reviewer: lol@rock
    ------ About the song Sippin' on Some Syrup performed by Three 6 Mafia

lol@rock you are an idiot, you replied to a female one, and two you're doing the bitching and moaning because you're talking about something totally different than what amber had said. her point lies in the last sentence, and if you weren't an ignorant stupid nigger you would have seen that

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