Three 6 Mafia Albums

  • Last 2 Walk Album (6/24/2008)
    Intro (Last 2 Walk)
    I Told 'Em
    Trap Boom
    I Got
    I'd Rather
    That's Right
    Corner Man
    Weed, Blow, Pills
    DSX Talk
    Hood Star
    Get Ya Rob
    On Some Chrome
    Click Bang
    My Own Way
    Dirty Bitch
    First 48
    Outro (Last 2 Walk)
    Lolli Lolli (Pop That Body) Intro
    Lolli Lolli (Pop That Body)
    My Own Way (Remix)

  • The Most Known Unknown Album (9/27/2005)
    The Most Known Unknown Hits
    Stay Fly
    Roll With It
    Don't Violate
    Knock Tha Black Off Yo Ass
    Poppin' My Collar
    Hard Hittaz
    Side 2 Side
    Half On A Sack
    When I Pull Up At The Club
    Nigga Got Ya Hooked
    Don't Cha Get Mad
    Body Parts 3
    Stay Fly (Still Fly Remix)
    Outro (The Most Known Unknown)
    Got It 4 Sale
    Let's Plan A Robbery
    Dancin' On A Pole
    Ain't Got Time For Gamez

  • Da Unbreakables Album (7/1/2003)
    They Want to Find Yo Body
    Fuck That Shit
    Wolf Wolf
    Testin' My Gangsta
    Bin Laden
    Ridin' Spinners
    Try Somethin
    Money Didn't Change Me
    Ghetto Chick
    Shake Dat Jelly
    Let's Start a Riot
    Rainbow Colors
    Like a Pimp [Remix]
    Beatem to da Floor
    Put Cha D. In Her Mouth
    Mosh Pit
    You Scared, Pt. 2
    Dangerous Posse
    Outro (Da Unbreakables)

  • Choices Album (8/28/2001)
    2-Way Freak
    The Restaurant Scene (Skit)
    Baby Mama
    Gangsta Niggaz
    Wona Get Some, I Got Some
    1st Crime Scene (Skit)
    U Got da Game Wrong
    We Shootin' 1st
    Dis Bitch, Dat Hoe
    Pass Me
    Big Pat's Warehouse (Skit)
    They Don't Fuck Wit U
    Slang and Serve
    War Wit Us
    Mean Mug
    How It Went Down (Skit)
    I Ain't Goin (A Hustler's Theme)
    Ridin' on Chrome

  • When The Smoke Clears Album (6/13/2000)
  • Three 6 Mafia Presents Hypnoti Album (1/25/2000)
  • Vol. 2-Club Memphis Underground Album (8/24/1999)
  • Vol. 1-Underground Album (3/2/1999)
  • Chapter 2-World Domination Album (10/7/1997)
  • Da End Album (12/3/1996)
  • Live By Yo Rep Album (12/5/1995)
  • Mystic Stylez Album (5/25/1995)

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    Reviews about Three 6 Mafia albums

    untouchable | Reviewer: $money mike$
        ------ About the album Last 2 Walk performed by Three 6 Mafia

    lil wayne is the best rapper alive but after hearin this album critics have got to be thinkin on changin that. i think it was there best yet and they continue to get better, cant wait to hear the new one, keep it up three 6

    The best Three 6 Mafia album | Reviewer: bluntroach
        ------ About the album When The Smoke Clears performed by Three 6 Mafia

    When the smoke clears is there best album hands down! Every single song on there is tight for real! My favorites are "Who Run It" and "44 Killers" they talk about some hard core shit and of course "I'm so high" and "Sippin on some syrup" are ridin and smokin classics!

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