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Patty Loveless Thousand Times A Day Lyrics

Last updated: 03/17/2004 10:06:23 PM

I gave up cigarettes haven't had to light one yet it's been a year since I stopped
Same goes for alcohol I don't touch the stuff at all I used to drink till I dropped
But days were tough this is easy and it feels so good to say
Forgetting you is not that hard to do for I've done it a thousand times a day
Oh I've done it a thousand times a day

Friends said it would take some time to get you off my mind
Some said I'd never let you go
But I guess I've proved them wrong one more bad habit gone
Just like the whiskey and the smokes
But those were tough...
[ guitar ]
I've given you up for good just like I said I would oh the night you walked away
Forgetting you is not...