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Thousand Foot Krutch-photo
Trevor Mcnevan----Vocals/Guitar
Dave Smith-----------Lead Guitar
Joel Bruyere---------Bass
Steve Augustine---------Drums

Industry heads attempting to anticipate future musical tangents, can sometimes be left dumbfounded. The direction of music is not linear in fashion. Popular music is invariably determined in the realms of streets, clubs, garages, home studios and the like. Thick guitars coupled with Hip Hop joints, was taken to a new level with the collaboration of Aerosmith and Run DMC. "Walk This Way" gave birth to musical mutations which led to a symphony of transformation.

Thousand Foot Krutch, mutants of today's culture, have been infused by mixed breeds of music. The outcome is a creative force exploiting turntables, powerful guitars and dominant vocals. Tracks rock and groove from start to finish, causing even the skeptic to tap a foot.

Thousand Foot Krutch is not another „rap metal‰ regurgitation. TFK songs have a decidedly different musical substance. Trevor McNevan, lead vocalist for the band writes music that penetrates lives. Trevor's lyrics don't try to establish contact with the audience through rebellious content or conduct. Instead, his lyrics point in a different direction, a direction that massages the soul.

Finally, a band that delivers a live performance that leaves you wanting more. If you don't like the mosh pit, you may consider standing further back from these rhyme animals. When the lights come on, it's energy from the first crack of the snare. Thousand Foot Krutch truly rocks the space, whether it's a small club or large stadium. Their energy and passion for music explodes. Each member of the band is an energetic self-contained show. Off stage their professional conduct and well-mannered personalities, leave you wondering if their mother is standing by.

Remember when "Grunge" was pop and young bands were coming to a head? It was the era of Pearl Jam, and their early project "TEN" impacted many. Their album had hit songs from beginning to end. It spoke to youth in a way most of us couldn't understand. "Set It Off", Thousand Foot Krutch's label debut re-invents those emotions. TFK creates a feeling one could describe as coming from "God's appointed workers"

What does Thousand Foot Krutch mean? TFK symbolizes the trials and the "hard times" that we all face in life. It's stating to trust God to pull you through the situation, and not yourself, or your own strength. Life gets crazy when you try to do it all yourself, and eventually one day you realize, you can't. He's a big God, who says "nothing is impossible for Him", so let Him prove it.

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Changing of Christian Rock | Reviewer: Adam Rock | 1/12/14

When I first heard these guys back in 2000, I thought they were just ok as it was a rock sound that I liked but not fully "developed" on the album of "Set It Off." "Phenomenon" was a better album but still didn't fully catch my attention. And then it happened - "The Art of Breaking" came out and that's what I was waiting for. Their first album that "wow-ed" me. "The Flame In Us All" came through just as good. In my opinion, "Welcome to the Masquerade" was a slight step back. Now, their latest "The End Is Where We All Begin" is in my opinion, their best piece of work and has gotten enough attention from me to say something here. Though they've changed a lot over the years, they're still a forerunner in the game of packing the masses with awesome Christian rock music.

Amazing | Reviewer: Jacqulyn | 3/8/10

TFK is the most amazing christian band ever. I met them while i was at Big Ticket last year and they rocked. I even go autographs from them and got a pic with Trev and Joel. They are amazing!!!!!!!!!

what? | Reviewer: jon | 3/25/08

This is not a biography as it is listed, this is a review.
If you think this is a biography, then you are just dead wrong, there are NO facts of any kind, just an opinion as to the style, thats about it.

Thousand Foot Krutch rox my sox!!! | Reviewer: Nicole N. | 10/13/07

When my friend first introduced me to this amazing, soulful music, i couldn't stop listening to it. I listen to TFK all the time and I think that they've helped me get closer to God. Hey, I say, TFK all the way!!!!

You guys rock! | Reviewer: Rebecca | 10/11/07

hello... i'm doing a powerpoint presentation at school and i need some more specific biography on Trevor... you know, pics of you in school and where and when you were born, what schools you went to... i know thats a lot but i would really appreciate it a whole lot. thanks

Biography | Reviewer: Emily | 9/17/07

Hey guys! I am doing a project on you guys at school and I would need some information on all four of you. I would need to know like when you were you born,where. I would need to know what you did when you were small and who your family is and I would also like to know what your physical descriptions are and your personality, life styles, and how you got famous.
My project is due on the 26th so I need the information as soon as posible. So thanks and God Bless!
(I am from Peterborough too!)

TFK rawks | Reviewer: Josh | 5/17/07

I love listening to you guys. Thanks for rawkin. I'll throw up my rawkfist.

i love tfk | Reviewer: p | 5/2/07

These guys are still unique. you want to listen 24 hours a day. They are mediocre at first but the songs really grow on youand before long, all the songs are your favorite!

AHH | Reviewer: | 4/4/06

WOOOOOW i looooove this band when i but their c.d.'s i usually buy it for one song and think all the rest won't be as good like most c.d's but not with TFK! every song is BRILLIANTSSSS!!!

I left the other bands | Reviewer: NAIDA | 1/27/06


I love TFH! | Reviewer: Tonya Schmigel | 10/25/05

Thousand Foot Krutch are the hottest band that are christian. I saw them at Kingdom Bound 2005 for a little while then went to see Toby Mac. Y'all should go to see them and go to Kingdom Bound 2006!

Still the best band | Reviewer: Michael Martin | 10/19/05

These guys have been my favorite band since I first heard "Puppet" in 2001. I own all of their CDs except the one track demo with "Rude Awakening (home)" and I've seen them live three or four times. I was somewhat disappointed with their new cd (The Art of Breaking). The soaring guitar solos (recorded by a guest guitarist) were not what I expected from TFK. Trev rarely breaks into rapping and the days of turntables are gone for good. After a few listens though, the songs started growing on me. The lyrics have reached a new level on this CD as well. There is nothing about TFK rocking the "partay" and no references to "rawkfists". The band has grown, and while they are not as unique musically as they once were, they still stand out against the rest of a mediocre modern rock world.

GREATEST BAND EVER | Reviewer: Josh | 7/15/05

Thousand Foot Krutch is not only the most energetic and original band I've ever seen in my life, they are also the most influential. They changed me from a Satanic Neo-Nazi to a God loving, Faith powered soldier of God, definitely worth a try for any one wanting something new in the blandness of todays musical world

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