Thought Riot Albums

  • Sketches Of Undying Will Album (11/18/2003)
    With Love, The Underground
    You're Gonna Die
    On New Tablets
    Homeland Insecurities
    The Hermit Of Sils Maria
    Cycle Of The Streets
    Hard Words
    I Voted For Nader
    A Song In Response To...
    Ink Soaked Pages
    Walking Stick For The Weak

  • The Dangerous Doctrine Of Empathy [EP] Album (9/4/2003)
    Sepsis: Part 1
    The Dangerous Doctrine Of Empathy
    The Plague
    Burning Too

  • Shattered Mirror Syndrome Album (3/19/2002)
    Breaking Old Tablets
    All For God, And A Gun For All
    Save The Humans
    Sign Of The Times
    American Deity
    Not Our Property
    On Friends And Mistakes
    Black Watch
    Duality Of The Revolutionary
    Pillow Over The Face As Therapy

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