Thorns Of The Carrion Albums

  • Eve Songs Album (1/1/2000)
    Naomi's Waters
    Song For Lucretia
    To Covet The Dancing Wind
    Eve Of The Emerald Sun

  • The Scarlet Tapestry Album (1/1/1997)
    Cry The Everstill Dream
    Tears For The Raven Muse
    The Tragedy Of Melpomene
    Bleak Thorn Laurels
    The Drifting Snow
    Beautiful Thorns To Caress The Girl
    By The Brilliance Of Candlelight
    Memories Forever Unadorned
    The Ashen Embrace

  • The Gardens Of Dead Winter Album (1/1/1995)
    Everstill Cry (The Tears That Flood Tomorrow)
    Images Within The Tides Of Tranquillity
    The Abide Of The Undead Knights
    As Shadows Away The Soul
    Portrait Of The Impious
    On Watchers From Towers Above
    Mourners At The Edge Of Black Rain
    When The Sunlight Fades
    A Shade Of Sorrow (Into Forever)

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