Thornley Lyrics

Members: Ian Thornley - vocals, guitar / Tavis Stanley -
guitar / Ken Tizzard - bass / Sekou Lumumba - drums

"Once you start writing a song, just get out of the way and
let it write itself," says singer and guitarist, Ian
Thornley. "That's the only way to do it." By "getting out
of the way," what Thornley means is not cluttering every
song with unnecessary flash and flourishes, so that what
comes through most clearly is the melody - something
simple, direct and deeply emotional. "On this record,
melody is king." But the songwriter More...

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Review about Thornley songs
theres a risk in the air | Reviewer: shaylee
    ------ About the song Your Song performed by Thornley

theres a risk in the air oo oo oo time is waiting in the light dont put me down dont put me down iv been waiting on you iv been waiting on you im sick of it i cant take it no more iv been dealing with this to long keep a holed of me i want to feel free last night i was dreaming abot you were putting your ares around me i wish i felt like that every daywhy cant we have a simple love toghether i do not know what is missing from our love take me out of this trap i cant think about id be like without you i love you to much to go from every kiss from your sweat lips its like im drifting out of time if you feel the way i feel when i look in your eyes why cant you reach for me and pool me closer you have hurt and tore me apart i will run to you whenever i feel lonly you cant take us apart from our love cant you see that theres no one more important to me im risking my life for you fading memories of me and every time i look at your face i fade do you love me do you love me oo oo oo.

WOW.. | Reviewer: Mason
    ------ About the song All Comes Out In The Wash performed by Thornley

I had never heard of Thornley or any of their songs untill today, i was playing PGR on the 360.. heard a song of theirs and was Blown Away.. they are really something..

And this song is by far one of the best songs ive heard, prolly tieing with Snuff by Slipknot

UAU!! | Reviewer: juh
    ------ About the song So Far So Good performed by Thornley

i mean, really, this song is so so so great!
i just love it, from the first time i've heard it.
i really wanna hear more stuffs from these guys, cause i love rock, and this is good rock.very good in deed.

So Far, So Good for Thornley | Reviewer:
    ------ About the song So Far So Good performed by Thornley

This song is great! Thornley really knows how to rock, and this song shows it all! Every aspect of it just blows my mind. I hope to hear more great songs from these guys!

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