Thor's Hammer Albums

  • Three Weeds From The Same Root Album (12/4/2003)
    Three Weeds From The Same Root
    The Law Of The Wave
    Egality Hurts Pride
    The Blind Searchers
    Via Cruces - 11th Station
    Serpents Bite Their Allies
    Organized Illusion
    The Day Has Come

  • The Fate Worse Than Death Album (12/4/2002)
    Fuck Off And Die
    When The Towers Fall
    Young Blood
    Grand Isolation
    Endless War
    The Fate Worse Than Death

  • May The Hammer Smash The Cross Album (12/4/2000)
    May the Hammer Smash The Cross
    In Our Hands Alone
    The(ir) Modern Freedom
    When The Weak Ones Ask For Help
    Might Is Right
    All We Need Is War
    The Gates of Heaven (Exclusive Hooligans Version)

  • Fidelity Shall Triumph Album (12/4/1998)
    Fidelity Shall Triumph
    Don't Let Your Folk Forget
    Nine Steps To Eternity
    Nothing But Hate
    Surtr Ferr Sunnam

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