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Thor's Hammer Biography

Last updated: 12/04/2003 01:10:31 AM

Thor's Hammer is the solo project of Capricornus, famed for his drum work in both Graveland and Infernum, as well as his label, Capricornus Productions, and the guitarist Boleslaw. His music here differs dramatically from that seen in Graveland and his other solo project, Capricornus, by taking on a Possessed-like style. By doing this, his music becomes a kind of black-death metal, as opposed to the black-thrash style played my many of the black metal bands in the scene today. The bands demo, "Nothing But Hate", was released by Darken of Graveland on Eastclan Productions. Thor's Hammer has since signed to Darker Than Black and in 1998 released their debut full-length studio album entitled "Fidelity Shall Triumph". One of the band's demo tracks was also featured on "The Night and The Fog" compilation released in early 1999 by Dungeons of Darkness. The second album, 'May the Hammer Smash the Cross,' as well as a split cassette with Dark Fury are being released in 2000, along with a reissue of the debut.