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Humble and helpless and learning to pray
Praying for visions to show me the way

Show me the way to forgive you
Allow me to let it go
Allow me to be forgiven
Show me the way to let go

Show me the way to forgive you
Allow me to let it go
Allow me to be forgiven
And show me the way to let go

Illuminate me
Illuminate me
Illuminate me

I'm just praying for you to show me where to begin
Hoping to, hoping to reconnect to you.

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Two or more meanings to everything... | Reviewer: Megan | 11/16/13

Yes... Thomas is a character in the bible and all that checks out. I do like that theory But in addition, Maynard has had issues with Addiction. Opiate. 13th Step. Etc etc. The Thomas Recipe is a way of trying to get clean of opiates. I have struggled with my own opiate addiction. Still struggling. This song reminds me of my struggle... humble and helpless and learning to pray... I love anything that Maynard does. He's brilliant.

GREAT ARE YOU | Reviewer: Karen | 11/12/12

I doubt there are words that are adequate to convey the complete and utter gratitude and appreciation that I have for Divinity, Jim and Jan!! My cases are VERY tough

and there is no way I would be where I am today if the Divine and magick were not the real deal!

Anyone out there who has doubts about Jim and Jan and the process are more than welcome to email me anytime and I will tell you all the blessings I have received in

the past ten years I have been associated with them.

Most recently I had a money spell done since I was in real financial trouble and was trying to sell a house that was taking forever to do and there was always an issue

with my buyers' financing and hemming and hawing about.

After the casting the sales process suddenly grew legs and ran! I got a commendation and raise at work and the layoffs occurring there never touched me! I kept

getting discounts where there usually are none.

Bills were almost paying themselves. I asked Divinity one day to please make my paycheck enough for the mortgage since my hours were not as many as usual. The amount

on the paycheck was EXACT! They gave me what I needed just in time!

There have been many such occurrences and there is NO way they are a coincidence! The spell is still manifesting even after I had forgotten about it lol. That is an

important key by the way. The more you can let the spell go the better things will go.

My current casting is the Grand Teton spell and it's evidently one of the grandest if not the biggest thing Jim and Jan have in their arsenal. I needed the biggest

since the target is a man I love more than anything and he has been very difficult with many blocks and fears. Now here's the cool part.

I was given the most miraculous days of my life with this man just recently and THE SPELL HAS NOT YET BEEN CAST!! Yes, during the preparation phase things all of a

sudden began to come together and he did a complete 180 and we had the most incredible time ever!

Many of the things in my wish list started to manifest right then and there. Jan's reading was so accurate that he was saying things that were in the reading

verbatim!! I am still in shock (and so is he lol).

I am looking forward to a wonderful future with this man because of the tireless efforts by Jan and Jim and the greatest of Divinity Who saw me worthy to help with my

situation. I am humbled and blessed beyond belief!!!! This will not be my last testimonial. When this one fully manifests you will be hearing from me again!

You will get your money's worth and more with these folks that is a promise! They are the real deal and you won't meet a finer couple of people anywhere. Jan has

been sooo patient with me and my unending questions lol! They won't give up if you don't. Divinity only wants you to put your complete trust in them and do your


Your part is following the spell criteria and developing a relationship with Divinity. Jim and Jan cast and Divinity goes to work for you. It can be tough to focus

on other things as releasing is very difficult, especially before results start to come into focus. It is faith that will make things happen.

Faith that it will happen no matter how awful the situation may look at the time. Just know it will be alright and then set it aside and move on with life. All the

good things will come back to you :-). I am living proof!! Glory glory glory to Divinity!!Contact

KJ in Texas

Your Serious? | Reviewer: JAM TOOL | 7/12/12

What bout the mumblingn in the first verse? Don't get me wrong,...........bad ass song, but your lyrics aren't correct, most of em' are. "Hoping to reconect with you"? Never heard it! Maynard is ??????????? Can't put it into words. Something like that though.

More Thoughts Again. | Reviewer: Kyle | 10/18/11

--Interesting theories below, do have a look.

I, too, see sacrifice as the premise. Thomas was taught in humble agony how to sacrifice Jesus, his very prophet. This song is a simple rendition of this parable.

The duality of "forgive" is key. He may know how to nail into someone, but to force himself to do something so terrible... that is a much darker forest. It pains him to think of it -- forces him to ask: how can I do this, how can I forgive myself?

In life, the only way to really enable one's cruelty is to let go of morality, of humanization. In resignation -- in submission we do abhorrent things in life. The above lyrics portray this -- like always with Maynard -- simply... so very simply.

We hurt, inevitably, if we humbly retain our humanity afterward. That is what he is doing when he says he is "hoping to reconnect to you." It is separate from the lyric, only attached to it out of poetic structure. In reality, it is about to be done, and he can only hope in the act that he connects eyes with his victim Jesus. In that look -- in case you've never seen it in movies...? -- he hopes to convey his raw agony in committing this atrocity.

double edged thomas | Reviewer: know one | 5/14/11

most lyrics have two meanings (just like political speeches). one for the masses, and one for those "in the know". the word "for-give" in this case could mean "to give before or first", to sacrifice, which coincides with letting go. to be forgiven the same way could mean to be sacrificed. the word "illuminate" appears three times. maybe a reference to the trinity, maybe not. lucifer means "the light bearer". prometheus gave man "fire" from the gods, and disobeyed them in the proccess. so ask yourself, "who is he really trying to "reconnect with?"

Doubting Thomas | Reviewer: Andy | 6/20/10

With Maynard's religious history, I'm compelled to think that he's talking about what it takes to restore his faith. He named it "Thomas" because that was the name of the desciple that required Jesus to show him the nail holes in his hands before he would believe that he was the ressurected Messiah.

Thomas | Reviewer: Heidi | 4/10/10

I have been listening to this album since it's debut. To this day, the songs all hold their own meanings to me..even knowing what they mean to Maynard & others who wrote them. Thomas for me, is about reconnecting with myself, but also learning to let go and forgive not only myself, but others. All of the songs, especially Thomas and a few others, really dig into my soul musically & lyrically. Especially when Thomas goes into the very heavy bass driven me it's just so beautiful, yet provides such a huge release of negativity inside.

Maybe....I'd bet | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/27/09

It is no secret that maynard had a "lost relationship" with God. The anger he felt can be shown in the lyrics to "Judith", a song insipred by his mothers unyielding faith in a GOD that left her damaged and broken as he says. listen to and read the lyrics for "Wings For Marie pt1" and part II, then it becomes clear to me that Thomas is his way of trying to reconnect in a GOD.

Samoht | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/13/09

I recently have gotten less and less into APC, Puscifer, Tool, etc... Anyways, my name is Samoht, so I find this song not obviously connected to me. Whether it's illuminated interpretation or I'm just sober at 6:05pm, I really like it. I feel like the main bass 4th string note, but just on the 5th fret (not 4th or 3th) just defines me as a person. It's nice and gentle, then dissonant but not painful, but some kind of harmless and all at once it kicks outo a deep pounding G-force of blessed heavy. LOL

my thomas | Reviewer: a lover | 7/3/09

He never was quite mine- or anyones for that matter. My thomas, we've wronged each other, forgiven just to do it again. He does illuminate me. I am humble and helpless- with him and without him. I so fucking love every note Maynard has created. I so fucking love my Thomas. Tool and APC is my Tom music.

Good Shit | Reviewer: Tom | 1/6/09

I recently have gotten more and more into APC, Puscifer, Tool, etc... Anyways, my name is Thomas, so I find this song obviously connected to me. Whether it's blind interpretation or I'm just drunk at 6:05am, I really like it. I feel like the main guitar riff just defines me as a person. It's nice and gentle, then dissonant but not painful, and all at once it kicks into a deep pounding force of fucking heavy.

misticism | Reviewer: kraken | 12/15/08

this song remids me of all the mistic good things i could have done, a lost love the and the night I met her, If I could see her again I would tell her "show me the way to forgive you, allow me to let you go... Illuminate me, I Illuminate the way cause I'm prying for you to show me where I'm to begin" ( maynard's scream on that part makes happy my spirit)

lol, athiest | Reviewer: brandon dunlap | 8/3/08

haha, this song reminds me of my friend Thomas. he's an athiest. The lyrics "Humble and helpless and learning to pray, Praying for visions to show me the way" always makes me crack up because it reminds me of him (btw athiest means he doesn't believe in god)

Thomas | Reviewer: Leigh | 7/5/08

my boyfriend - Thomas - and I recently broke up. I know the song isn't about breaking up , etc. I've been a fan of APC ever since I was introduced to them when they first came out.

But for me this is about my relationship. How I gave everything away.. secrets , desires , insecurities for years and didn't get much in return. Until you wake up one day and realise.. I'm just a walking zombie in this relationship.

Anyway I digress :]

Connect | Reviewer: Thomas Kruszewski | 11/14/07

I can relate to this song because it reminds me of the realationship that my father and I have between eachother...

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