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Ill Niño This is War Lyrics

Last updated: 08/13/2007 12:00:00 PM

He was enslaved, to the dirty system, pero murio (but he died) mother fucking come on
This was the final mission
His life had just begun
It all had to be so fucked up
His death to me, so fucked
His face remains so deathless

This is war
And I swear that Im not giving up or giving in
This is war?
Then I swear that Im not giving up or giving in
Or giving up
This life is war
This is war

Society is a loaded weapon
No one is exempt from the bullet within
El systema (the system) is a prime example
De lo que pasa cuando (of what happens when)
The streets could be so fucked up
His destiny so fucked up
His face remain so deathless

Repeat Chorus

Dios mio, alma mia, por que me as llevado la vida
(god of mine, soul of mine, why have you taken my life)
Cuando yo todo te lo e dado (when I have given everything to you)
En mi hora de muerte, no me dejes morir (in my hour of death, dont let me die)
Necesito otra vida, Necesito que me digas (i need another life, i need you to tell me)
Is this war? Is this war?
This is war
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