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We have to find a better way,
out of this tragedy.
As the battle rages on,
blood stains the ground we're on.
My ears hear only screams,
brave soldiers are dying.
One Spartan stands alone and shouts,

This war is ours

Yes I will see you,
through the smoke and flames,
on the frontlines of war.
(we have to find a better way)
And I will stand my,
ground until the end
'til we conquer them all.
(we have to find a better way)

Through the fire and the flames
a sea of dead drives,
men insane
we march the fight into the cold,
this is as far as it will go
The battle ends on top of here
this is where we conquer fear
on black out armed with our swords,
this war is ours
this war is ours



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LOL Ronnie never wrote anything deep? | Reviewer: Alison | 2/10/12

You say Ronnie never wrote about anything meaningful then you obviously havnt heard ANY of his songs besides situations.

As You're Falling Down
There's No Sympathy for the Dead
Make Up
Cellar Door
The Day I Left the Womb
Friends and Alibis
Not Good Enough for Truth In Cliche
My Apocalypse
The Guillotine
Dragging Dead Bodies In Blue Bags, Up Really Long Hills
The Webs We Weave
When I Go Out, I Want to Go Out On A Chariot Of Fire

This war is ours | Reviewer: Esmeralda pina | 9/11/11

I think that escape the fate are really good singers because Bryan Max craige and robert are the best singer in the hole wide world.because of them they get to go on tour to sing for there fans that love there music.

in general | Reviewer: E.G.D | 11/2/10

ok, so i love escape the fate. I met them for the first time last night and i was really stoked. from just that meeting i can tell they are all really nice guys. my friend's boyfriend is pretty chill with Brian and Max. they all seemed pretty decent. as far as i know, people shouldn't judge them at all. whatever they did in the past or present is done with. ronnie is trying to recover the best way he can and everyone needs to just stop all the bullshit and support him! as for craig, he's fine just where he's at. everyone has their opinions on who's better, personally i like both singers. without ronnie, escape the fate wouldn't have every been known, and without craig they wouldn't have continued. they do this for the love of rock and music! they do this for us! we just need to stop all accusations and judgement and let them have their lives to themselves and not through supposed rumors or lies. that's all i really have to say, so if you know they are coming to your town for their tour, GO FREAKIN' SEE THEM!!! and if you never heard of them, go look 'em up and listen. i never really liked rock music until i heard them, and i fell in love, i hope you guys do the same when you first hear them. that's all then, bye!

Ronnie And Craig | Reviewer: Sam | 4/7/10

I much prefer craig over ronnie
when ronnie was around all he wrote about was sex and shit, refrasing to situations

then craig came and he wrote songs with deep mean
e.g this song, something, the flood, blah blah blah
this is just my opinion, but yeh, craig is much more decent, still a crack up guy when he talks about the song situations if you ever watch the live video clips

mmm | Reviewer: Kitsi | 10/23/09

I'm not going to say which vox is a better person because I think they're both great, but I personally like Ronnie better as a vocalist and I prefer his lyrics. Craigs are really good, don't get me wrong, but Ronnie's lyrics are just amazing and not to mention his melodies are hardcore amazing.
I think Escape the Fate should change their name considering Ronnie is the one who came up with the name and he isn't in the band anymore. The new ETF is amazing and all, but out of dignity, they should change their name.
Ronnie's is Mike Frisby (blessthefall) lolzz

this war is ours (the guillotine II) | Reviewer: emmanuel | 3/15/09

You ppl have to stop fighting about who's better craig mabbit or ronnie radke .they are both awesome .I've met craig he's a great guy really cool hess been good even when he was in btf .I wish I can meet ronnie but for the time being I have to wait. Anyways etf had its moment when ronnie had a problem yea everyone knows that. but what some of u don't kno is that ronnie isn't in etf anymore but has formed a new band the name is 'from behind these walls ' check them out . I've known one of the members over myspace for a quite a while since last year so when I found out gilbet catalano was becoming part of the band I was even more stoked cause gilbert is an awesome guy .

Again about craig and ronnie u may have heard countless rumors but none are tru unless they have said so themselves .

Check out ronnie radke's new band 'from behind these walls'

Ronnie is still in the prison for the moment but we are all waiting impatiantly for him to come out .

Also max and ronnie nobody knows if their dispute with their friendship is going to end has ended or if they will be friends again. Hopefully they make up .and one they play a show together with each others bands etf (escape the fate) and fbtw(from behind these walls) also about craig he's not a bad guy if u listen to everyones side of the story you'll understand he isn't a bad guy ...hopefully ppl understand support both the bands and btf also despite the rumors and past events that have happened if u wanna share your opinions with me or anything send me a message at my email or w/e

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