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Earl Thomas Conley This Time I've Hurt Her More (Than She Loves Me) Lyrics

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She wore that falling out of love look
I even swore upon the Good Book
Still the last lie I told her was
The one she couldn't believe
No more crying on her shoulder
She won't even let me hold her
Cause this time I've hurt her more than she loves me

I've been too busy drinking
She's been too busy thinking
About the kind of love she needs
And a man she never sees
But Lord, she's already stood more
Than I was ever good for
And this time I've hurt her more thans he loves me

(Repeat Bridge)

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one misspelling, can change the whole meaning | Reviewer: maranda | 5/15/2007

On the last line, instead of saying she loves me, the author accidentally put he loves me. Hmmm, sort of changes the meaning of the song, don'tcha think? :) Just thought I would point that out.

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