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the morning sun's about to break,
i'm looking in as you create someone,
you lift your head and brush your teeth,
and make your bed as if you won't sleep again,
you fix your hair and tie your shoes,
and tuck your shirt and now you feel new.

the glass is full, the glass is broke,
and every day dissolves and there's no hope
of ever leaving this temporary life.
of ever leaving this temporary life.

you may ask yourself "is there anyone so alone?"
but there's no beep before the dial-tone
when you pick it up to see who called
if there is it's probably your mom

but, oh, the rising sun brings little cheer
to this city with the stolen name
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and you're wondering whose bright idea
it was to pack your things and leave your friends
and move down here.

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Condescending Much... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/6/11

Who cares what other people write on here? You're a pretentious asshole, and you didn't even explain the entirety of the song's meaning. Did you think to look at the title of the song? It's about people not following their dreams, and settling "temporarily" until the opportunity rises. However, people become stuck in a rut, and before you know it, your dreams are further away than before, and you've found yourself in an unfavorable situation that was supposed to be just temporary.

Cretins on the Comment Board | Reviewer: James | 10/31/09

I swear. Almost every single comment here is so inane and without substance.

"I love death cab, but this song is actually amazing."

WTF? This song is by Death Cab.

This song is about the soul sucking days that greet you after making a decision, such as moving away to a city with a stolen name, i.e. NEW York City, and question why you made that decision. It's a song about being isolated and alone in your youth, in the early years of adulthood. It is more than simply..."AMAZING!"

Fucking idiots...

Inspiring. | Reviewer: Aleisha | 7/4/08

Death Cab never ceases to amaze me. Between Ben's voice and the lyrics he sings, this song is amazing to say the least. I don't think words can describe how great this song, or any other song, by Death Cab really is. I highly recommend finding this song and downloading it.

Inspiring. | Reviewer: Leeli | 7/1/07

This song is just so thoughtful. It's inspiring; something people can relate to. The tone is very empty and indifferent which makes it sound very whole. It's an amazing song.

Beautiful | Reviewer: Emily | 4/15/07

oh my god i absolutley love this song. the lyrics are just amazing. it's actually a song that i can relate too. instead of some dirty rap song or some screaming freenzy! But anyway, i do really like this song. Death Cab for Cutie is one of my favorite bands. no lie. but anyway, G00D J0B DEATH CAB F0R CUTIE !


Wow | Reviewer: Anna | 9/30/06

This is such a beautiful song.
I absolutely love it.

DOWNLOAD IT | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/11/05

i love death cab, but this song is actually amazing. If you like soul meets body or title and registration you should definatly download this song. Also if youre into the postal service it's kindof similar to such great heights...but anyways YES download this song its worth downloading trust me!

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