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Billy Joel This Night Lyrics

Last updated: 06/18/2013 12:03:12 PM

Didn't I say
I wasn't ready for a romance
Didn't we promise
We would only be friends

And so we danced
Though it was only a slow dance
I started breaking my promises
Right there and then

Didn't I swear
There would be no complications
Didn't you want
Someone who's seen it all before

Now that you're here
It's not the same situation
Suddenly I don't remember the rules anymore

This night is mine
It's only you and I
Is a long time away
This night can last forever

I've been around
Someone like me should know better
Falling in love
Would be the worst thing I could do

Didn't I say
I needed time to forget her
Aren't you running from someone
Who's not over you

How many nights
Have I been lonely without you
I tell myself
How much I really don't care

How many nights
Have I been thinking about you
Wanting to hold you
But knowing you would not be there

This night
You're mine
It's only you and I
I'll tell you
To forget yesterday
This night we are together

This night
Is mine
It's only you and I
Is such a long time away
This night can last forever

Is such a long time away
This night can last forever

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Perfect | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/18/13

It is beautiful.. I'm a big fan of Billy Joel but I heard it a couple of years that I started to hear his music.. It's simply perfect and I agree it's underrated. Now I found another reason to love him and I have THE song to dance in my honey moon

Still makes me feel ... | Reviewer: Bravo | 12/22/12

Over 20 years later, I finally found the love of my life to share this song with. At least the song lives on, if not the love. At the time of release, this song was so underrated and probably still is. But to me, it sums up a love I will never have again.

Love this song | Reviewer: Kiasa | 2/22/12

This song played at a Valentine's Day school dance I went to. My best friend's date asked her to dance to this song for the first time during the whole night. I think that song was when they first realized they were in love;)

Still feel it | Reviewer: Chuck | 2/2/12

This song could quite possibly be the greatest high school prom song ever written. A 1950's feel, great lyrics, great story, a night that will never end! Been a favorite of mine for many many years now.

What a Wonderful Song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/17/10

I personally think this song should have became a bigger hit. It is too underrated. I love the music and the lyrics make it even better. It tells a classic story of Billy falling in love with some girl. Just simply beautiful, as Jorge said.

Magic song | Reviewer: Jorge | 7/9/07

This Night is simply beautiful. A master piece included in a great album such as An Innocent Man. Billy´s voice is one of the greatest I´ve ever heard. He proves that he is much more than a rock singer.