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Avenged Sevenfold This Means War Lyrics

Last updated: 08/26/2013 06:47:30 AM

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Hide my face again, hover in the shadows
Feel this weight of sin, hammer it away
Die with the guilt of a thousand evil soldiers
Die watch the sight rushing me straight

I can't go on this way, not as I am today
The only sight of me is strong
They gain my lonely gun, hold back on our own
The coward's truth inside the wrong
This means war
This means war
This means war

Lash your tongue of pain, carry me to nowhere
Mental holocaust, battle never ends
Light ash the pain of a child truthful seeking
Lie to myself, brace the new regime
I left me long ago, resents you'll never know
No one to miss me when I'm gone
With no more words to say
No longer meant to stay, another post I don't belong
This means war
This means war
This means war
This means war

No home become my own
No finding someone new
No one to break the fall
No one to see me through
No name to carry on
No promise for today
No one to hear the call
No town to flag the ray

Walk the raise's edge cutting through the madness
Question all you trust buying to the fear
I see the man reaping in my soul now
I, I know the man, I know him all too well

There's nothing here for free
Lost who I wanna be
My super pride can strike so cold
On any giving day I'll take it all away
Another thought I can't control
This means war
This means war
This means war
This means war
This means war

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