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Melissa Etheridge This Is Not Goodbye Lyrics

Last updated: 11/26/2012 10:39:02 AM

Bravely you let go of my hand
I can't speak yet you understand
Where I go now I go alone
This path I walk these days of stone

And the angels are calling

I must go away
Wait for me here
Silently stay
And don't ask me why
Only believe
This is not good bye

All of my strength all my desire
Still cannot melt this breath of fire
I go to meet some kind of test
Bury the truth that scars my chest
And the angels are calling and calling


I gathered all my courage
I shaved off all my fear
With this banner on my shoulder
I hold your essence near

And the angels are calling and calling and calling

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So much with me | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/26/12

In the past 6 months my father in law died of cancer, my father was diagnosed with bone cancer and has very limited time left, and my only two sons went off to college. I am so proud of my sons, but I miss them more than life itself. All of the men in my life are leaving me and I feel alone, so very alone. Melissa's song is so meaningful to me and helps me feel and release the pain I feel. Thank you Melissa.

This really isn't goodbye. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/18/12

This song is beautiful and so meaningful to me personally. Our son Alan died of cancer on July 26th,2012. His strength and courage was amazing. I know he's in a much better place and has no more pain and is not suffering anymore. I feel that he has heard this beautiful song and I know it's not goodbye and that we will see him again. He filled our lives with joy, laughter and all who knew him loved him. We miss him everyday and when I look up into the star filled sky, the brightest star in the heavens is my beautiful boy.

I am fighting now | Reviewer: Jo | 11/11/12

This is beautiful and powerful song. Being Melissa fan since years I was finding constantly very strong lyrics helping me in many situation in my life. She always inspired me and now... Last month I was diagnosis with cancer and there is Melissa again somebody who gave me strenght to face this. She is just amazing

goodbye dear herm | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/16/12

my best friend of 10 yrs left today back to his country,i truely adore him n the moments we have always shared together,i am in tears but i know i have to stay strong for him,the most painful part is we dont know when we will see each other again,i already miss you,stay blessed and God bless,al always be hear for you when you need me.........byeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

My best friend | Reviewer: Brenda | 7/27/10

My best friend of 23 years passed away 2 years ago in Feb...I miss her so very much...she lived a hars live this was to be her funeral song ...then she requested not to have one...God I miss her more every day...this song to me represents the hard life she live ...Miss you so much shannon

Miss Ya | Reviewer: Liz | 4/11/10

I Run For Life came out a month after my sister died of breast cancer. We both love music and I had to have this CD. But this song, This is Not Goodbye,is for us. I play it when I need a good cry and feel her around........she believed in angels and so do I.

R.I.P mommy <3 | Reviewer: Shannon | 2/21/09

My mother died of breast cancer two years ago. this song has really inspired me and her. this was also the song played at her funeral. Your song "I run for life" we play every year at relay for life, american heart association. I love your music <3

LUNG CANCER SUCKS !!!☻☺ | Reviewer: Breanna | 3/12/08

My uncle rob had died from this 2 years ago in 05 which was so upsetting. On 2\23\08 my best friend Danielle's dad had died of lung cancer, he got sick 2 weeks b4 he died, and 2 weeks earlier is when they had relized he had lung cancer, and 11 tumprs. It was so hard and still still hasnt hit me or my family.Its not like i didnt no him, i did! He was my softball coach and i was over her house regularly. I miss my uncle and
Karl Hanson ♥♥ 4ever in our hearts

wow. | Reviewer: Priscilla | 2/2/08

I'm not a fan of melissa. its not my genre of music. My Mama died in 05 of lung cancer. she was so young! the glue to our Amazing family. She is still loved deeply. Its been the hardest on my mother who still has a hard time coping. I only dread that what she's going through I will also have to sometime in the distant fear. I wish I could help her. I think this song maybe set off a healing process ori at least hope it did.

Tears | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/20/08

I heard this song today for the first time. I bought Melissa's CD at Borders. It helped me because after my sister, mother, and beloved dog have passed all in a period of five years, I still try not to cry...knowing I should.

My Grandmother | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/18/08

My grandmother died Dec. 14th, 2007 from a tumor in her heart. It slipped into her lung before they could do surgery & she didn't make it. We played this song at her memorial service. It's beautiful. Even my dad can't hear it without crying. He was with her when she passed. This song will always be special to me.

my mom | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/19/07

my mom died of breast cancer about 1 year ago...august 13 2006...i am doing this song for my dance class and when i first heard it i wanted to cry because i had battled cancer too but then i realized that this ISN'T goodbye

my funeral | Reviewer: Lanell | 9/8/07

I hope I live next 40 yrs but in that time I will play this beautiful song. And for anyone that will hear that will say "Gosh that was 40 yrs old song and it is still beautiful to hear and the words are so true." Thank Melissa and you still Rock!!

This is a rebirth song for me not death | Reviewer: Tree | 8/17/07

To me this song means I moved far away to get rid of my past and start over. I guess it's different for everyone. New life
Very beautiful song

Breast Cancer | Reviewer: Jeannie Russo-Pier | 8/8/07

This song is incredible! My son’s girlfriend bought me “The Road Less Traveled” for Christmas the year the album came out. I am a 4 year breast cancer survivor. I connected with this song and cried my eyes out the first time I heard it. I am currently training for the Tampa Bay 3-Day 60 mile walk. I live in Indiana but am from Florida. My twin sister still lives in Florida and we decided to do the walk together in Florida since it is not sponsored here in Indiana. When it is to hot out to walk I walk on my treadmill at home. I listen to “The Road Less Traveled” CD as I walk. I can walk 4 miles from the start of the Album to the end. I love doing this because the last two songs on this album really inspire me and reminds me why this walk is so important for me and thousands of other women. I wish I could meet Melissa in person as I feel so connected to her through this song...I know ever work and sing it out loud everytime I hear it...I do not sound as good as Melissa,but sometimes I think I do, ha ha....